Top 10 Logo Maker Apps on Android

Nomessin – The evolution of Android smartphone technology is undeniable. Now, there are plenty of ready-made Android apps to make the work of Android users easier. For example, there are 10 applications to create a logo on Android that will be discussed this time.

If in the past creating a logo was very difficult and complicated, now you just need to install a logo maker app on Android and instantly create a logo according to your needs. The following logo maker apps can create online store logos and even football logos.

Want to learn how to easily create a logo using only an Android smartphone? Let’s just take a look at the comments from Carisignal below!

1. Canva

The app to create invitation cards Canva

Apart from PixelLab, we recommend apps canvas. Well, if this app is very easy to make your desired logo. Because Canva provides a lot of files Templates To create a logo based on the desired category, for example office food or others. But, if you want to make it yourself, you can count on different things Tools Provided by Canva.

As for the Tools Available scratch, edit text and image, To change the color and shape as desired by the user. Yes sure, The most interesting thing is that Canva is not just about making logos, because you can easily create posters here.

2. ibis Paint X

ibis Paint X is not an app dedicated to creating logos, but rather to create all kinds of illustrations you need. This means that ibis Paint X will not exist Templates which can automatically generate a logo. But benefit-The thing is that you can be more free to create a logo as you wish, and the result will be more unique than Templates.

This app has been downloaded over 100 million times. You can use it like Microsoft Paint on the desktop, with a familiar interface design that’s easy for anyone to do. To use it, tap this link.

3. Logo Maker

logo maker

With your Android smartphone, you can now create a logo with a unique, elegant and attractive design. You can use Logo Maker to create your desired logo and according to your taste.

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This app, which has garnered nearly 30,000 downloads on PlayStore, offers a variety of superior features ready to make it easier for logo makers. In this app, you can combine multiple photos, replace text, and change photos as well my knowledge. Do you also want to create a logo with Logo Maker? direct click here To download the application.

4. Logo Maker Plus

Logo Maker Plus

No need to be confused about creating a logo, now there is an app called Logo Maker Plus that will help you to create a logo with a unique and attractive design. This app, which has won more than 50,000 downloads on PlayStore, offers a variety of full features for creating banners.

In the app, you can select the logo shape, change the color, and insert text in the logo as well. Not only that, even Logo Maker Plus comes with a feature whereby users can choose the typeface that best suits their taste. Logo Maker Plus also offers different types of ready-to-use fonts. Nosy? Download Logo Maker Plus here.

5. Logo Maker 2021 – awesome app maker

Sometimes users may feel afraid to wear clothes Templates To create a logo, I’m afraid the design will be similar to other logos. However, you will not feel it if you are using Logo Maker 2021 from Splendid App Maker. Because there are already more than 5,000 species Templates Diverse, scattered in several types of categories or prestige Such as music, beauty, food, health and much more.

And if you have your own graphic assets, turn on the log0 . logo Templates It can be replaced and created as desired. There are also hundreds of species Line If you want to make a typographic logo, this is to add variety so you don’t get stuck with the same options. Everything can be done with a little Faucetlike choice Templatesis changing Lineor change the color. interested? just visiting this link To download it, yes!

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6. Logo Maker – Mobi App

This logo maker provides options Templates Which is quite typical. Here you can search for a suitable logo image based on the objects of the image such as mountains, foxes, etc.

This application developed by Mobi App also contains many variants anthropomorphic To produce logos that are more creative and easier for people to remember. With a simple editor page, you will immediately know the functions of existing icons as icons cancel download And Realso symbol Layers For better management of logo elements. If you are interested in downloading it, click here To go to the Google Play Store page for Logo Maker by Mobi App.

7. Logo Maker 2020 – Cute Wallpaper Studio

This time Logo Maker comes from the developer Cute Wallpapers Studio, and it offers a different feature. This unique feature is the ability to transform the logo into 3D by rotating Tools Available. In addition, this application provides an alternative for every application Templates which is there.

In this application, there are more than 100 my knowledge30 items and hundreds of species typeface To make the logo look more in line with prestige You are. Let’s try this awesome logo maker app this link!

8. Logo Maker – AR Tech

Do you want to create a logo in a simple style? Or do you want to present a logo that attracts the attention of many people? By the way, AR Tech also offers a logo maker app which is intuitive With a variety of options.

You can choose one Templates Required, change various graphic elements such as images and text my knowledgeAnd the color of each of these elements.

Whether it’s a food trade or prestige For others, you can create a logo that represents Brand better. In addition, everything can be done easily and for free with only capital smart phone Android only. Interested in trying it? Now this app can be downloaded from Google Play Store, you know! click here!

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9. Logo Esport Maker –

Other logo maker apps might be too wide to your taste. Don’t worry because there is a Logo Esport Maker that matches the name, it can produce a unique logo and Exceptional team needs the games You are.

Because the logo the games must search intimidation, apprehension And it requires a unique touch, like the boldest graphic elements that symbolize the impression of indomitable. You have this app here.

10. Logo Generator & Logo Maker

Logo Generator & Logo Maker

Do not want to lose with Developer In addition, LIGHT CREATIVE LAB is also developing a logo creation application on Android. It is a ready made logo maker and logo maker with different features to make your logo more unique and attractive.

In the application, Logo Generator & Logo Maker contains a collection of Templates Or a logo format ready to be edited. But if you feel that you do not fit in Templates Provided, you can then create your own logo design and look.

Uniquely, Logo Generator & Logo Maker will make it easier for users to do this turns up On the final logo in digital form. Complete and easy isn’t it? If you are interested in using it, please click here To download the application.

So, these are the 10 logo maker apps on Android that are the simplest and best option from Carisignal. In addition to creating a logo on Android, you can also create a logo on a computer with 10 programs to create logos on a computer and please check the program here.