latest photo results of OPPO Reno with Sony IMX 709 sensor

Nomessin – OPPO is preparing to launch its latest Reno series mobile phone which has the next level of Portrait capability compared to the previous generation.

To support the Portrait feature, the latest Reno series mobile phone will be equipped with a Sony IMX 709 sensor on the front camera.

The sensor is the result of a three-year cooperation between OPPO and Sony with an investment value of more than 1.5 million US dollars or about 21.5 billion rupees, involving 300 engineers and producing 87 patents.

Even OPPO revealed that the Sony IMX 709 has a Portrait feature over the previous Reno phone, which has a 60% increase in light sensitivity and 35% noise reduction compared to the OPPO Reno6 selfie camera.

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To eliminate curiosity, you can see a comparison of selfies taken using the front camera of the new Reno with Sony IMX 709 sensor with OPPO Reno6 in the same place and lighting conditions.

New OPPO Reno - Illuminated Bokeh Picture

OPPO Reno – Sony IMX 709

OPPO Reno6 - Luminous bokeh picture

OPPO Reno 6

In this comparison of images using the Bokeh Flare Portrait feature, it can be seen that the Reno with Sony IMX 709 sensor is capable of producing selfies with facial skin tone and subject’s hair strands much clearer and textured than the Reno 6.

This shows that the images from the front camera of the new Reno phone have a more detailed level of lighting and shadows. In addition, the front camera with a Sony IMX 709 sensor is able to separate subjects from the background, especially hair, more accurately than OPPO Reno6.

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The tone or skin tone of the theme or background is more natural than OPPO Reno6. Not only that, the circular pattern of light on the background looks more vivid and is more captured.

New OPPO Reno - Bokeh Flare Portrait2

OPPO Reno – Sony IMX 709

OPPO Reno6 - Luminous Bokeh 2

OPPO Reno 6

From the image comparison, it is clear that OPPO has been working hard to improve the performance and portrait selfie capabilities of the new Reno that carries a Sony IMX 709 sensor and an improved AI algorithm.

In addition, Sony IMX 709 supports RGBW (Red Green Blue White) sensor with Quadra Binning Algorithm technology which can add two white pixels in every four pixels so that each pixel is able to detect and recognize red, green and white. Blue and white signals.

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Not only that, OPPO also continues to develop software from time to time to improve selfies and other features, as happened with the increase in ColosOS 12 compared to ColorOS 11.1.