iOS 15.4 Beta It is now possible to recognize Face ID using the mask

Nomessin – It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic that is not yet over around the world has made Apple finally launch a new feature for its users to make it easier to unlock the Face ID screen.

Of course, using masks is a challenge for iPhone owners because they have to take them off when they want to open Face ID in public. That’s why Apple recently launched a Face ID with Mask trial for the iOS 15.4 beta update on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

Information was quoted from Mac rumors Some users have reportedly started getting it. One of them who got Face ID with this mask is Brandon Butch Widget content creator on his personal Twitter account.

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Even if iPhone 12 and 13 users are wearing masks, Apple says Face ID with masks can recognize faces by detecting their eyes and their surroundings for security authentication or logging in to content on the iPhone screen.

Face ID is not immediately available, but you have to retool it by moving your face again so that Face ID can detect faces around the eyes.

If the iOS 15.2 beta update is installed on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, you can set this Face ID feature in the Settings menu by selecting ‘Use Face ID With a Mask’ or use the Face ID with Mask feature for the process to activate it. You can also disable Face ID with a mask if you wish.

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Face ID and extra glasses

In addition, this feature also provides additional new features in the form of “Add Glasses” or Add Glasses. The method is similar to wearing a mask, you have to reset it to make Face ID more accurate when wearing glasses.

Previously, Face ID while wearing the mask was originally available in iOS 13.5 update, but it was not possible to do it directly but you had to ask for the passcode first. But later, Apple found a way to use the Apple Watch to unlock the face with a mask as long as the Apple Watch is close to the iPhone.

Now, Apple is making it easier for everyone by bringing Face ID right on your iPhone screen. The reason may be that not everyone with the latest iPhone owns an Apple Watch, so this functionality will finally be available in the near future.

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