Google Play Store now offers special promotional listings and attractive discounts

Nomessin – To make it easier for Android mobile users to find attractive offers such as promotions and discounts, Google has launched the Offer List in the Google Play Store.

When you access the list of offers, you will be able to see many attractive promotions ranging from price discounts for the purchase of games, items or codes, limited package offers, discounts on movies and books, to Google Play points.

At the top of the deals page, there is usually a banner offering promotions and discounts from apps and games. Currently, Free Fire offers item bundles with discounts of up to 70%.

Offer - Google Play Store Package Discount

When you select the logo, you will be directed to the Free Fire page on the Google Play Store and you can see many packages that can be purchased directly with Google Pay payments without having to enter the game first.

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Moreover, you will also find a variety of games that are currently discounted in the category of games for sale on the offers page. When you choose a game, you will be shown the regular price crossed out to a discounted price.

Offer - Discount on movies and games

Sometimes the Offers page offers limited offers that vary in each period in the limited time offer category. One of them is that you can get 5x Google Play Points when you sign up for the Canva Pro app.

In the Movie Buying Deals category, you will find many movies that have gone cheap during a certain period. In this category, you will see the rental price or purchase price of the discounted movie.

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For those who love to read books, recently discounted e-books category is interesting because Google offers many e-books that are currently discounted.

For Google Play Points, points can be redeemed for discounts on in-game purchases of characters, items, gems, and more. In addition, these points can also be redeemed for Google Play credit in games, apps, movies, and books.

Overall, you can get 1 Google Play point by shopping for IDR 1,500 in apps, games, movies, books, subscriptions and more. However, on certain events, you can get 2 to 5 Google Play Points only with a balance of IDR 1,500.

Offer - Google Play Points

Google Play Points has a four-tier system consisting of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You have to reach certain points in order to level up. Naturally, the higher the level achieved, the more attractive benefits will be provided.

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Having this list of offers allows you to no longer bother searching for attractive offers because you can instantly find promotions, discounts, limited offers and more on one page.

Meanwhile, for those who have not received the offer list, you can wait for it because Google is making regular updates for all the Android mobile users around the world.