How to make a popular Emoji on TikTok

Nomessin – Some time ago, TikTok was revived with challenges or challenges initially implemented by some users who made videos to combine two emojis into one new emoji.

This merging video also uses the hashtags #emojimix and #emojichallenge so it starts over time Expand to FYP (for your page) on many TikTok users.

On average, videos with a mix of emojis or Emoji Mix get a large number of views. Video viewers often comment asking for new and interesting emoji to be created every day.

But did you know that Emoji Mixes cannot be created directly in the TikTok app? But you have to use which has a large collection of emoji which can be easily combined.

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Fortunately, has a simple interface so that ordinary people can use it easily.

How to make Emoji Mix on TikTok

  1. Open the browser on your mobile phone or laptop
  2. The site is successful Techolo from the browser
  3. After that, press the button click here to continue
  4. Choose two different emojis to combine
  5. A new emoji will be generated later
  6. push the button copy
  7. Paste the new emoji in the comments or something else

emojimix tik tok

With the Tikolu website, you can easily create interesting emojis from a combination of two different emojis. Moreover, you can make it for free.

If Tikolu can’t display the page or the content, it’s possible that many people will access it to make the emoji see that the Emoji Mix video is currently live on TikTok.

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In addition to having an Emoji Mix or Emoji Challenge, you can also participate in many other challenges on TikTok so that your short videos have the opportunity to enter the FYP and go viral so that many people will watch them.

Not only that, sometimes some brands and TikTok will face different challenges in certain special periods or days by offering big prizes like cash, gadgets, coupons, clothes and much more.

Challenges usually benefit many parties, whether users, brands, or TikTok itself. In addition to the visited video, users can also get prizes if they are lucky.

Meanwhile, the brand will be known by many people of this challenge so that it will have the opportunity to increase the sales of the product. In addition to getting projects from brands, TikTok has also become one of the trusted social networks for holding interesting events.

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