How to move phone camera photos to SD card for free storage

Nomessin – Transferring image files from mobile camera to SD card can be really the right solution to dampen mobile performance so that it always works fast.

By doing this, the mobile phone because it will be easier to find the data and free storage space that the user needs Processing components such as CPU, GPU, and NPU In running the system or application.

Important data belonging to the application and the system itself in general must be stored in the internal memory in order to use it. Some services such as social media or e-commerce will stop working when moved to the SD card.

Therefore, moving multimedia files such as photos and videos that usually take the second place in consuming storage space can definitely be the best solution when we want to free up the internal memory.

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Moreover, on the other hand, we can do it very easily, starting with transferring photo and video files manually or adjusting the camera settings on the SD card automatically.

How to move photos and videos from phone camera to SD card


  1. Run the app files manager used
  2. open section internal memory
  3. Navigate to the photo or video storage folder (usually located in DCIM or pictures)
  4. Select camera folder
    How to move camera photos to SD card - 1
  5. Press and hold on a photo or video file
  6. Select the file you want to transfer or use the options select all
    How to move camera photos to SD card - 2
  7. Use options Transfer (Usually in the menu More optionsthree point code)
    How to move camera photos to SD card - 3
  8. Select SD Card
    How to move camera photos to SD card - 4
  9. Open the folder you want to use to save
  10. click paste or the appropriate option
    How to move camera photos to SD card - 5
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Each operating system interface has a different file manager. Fortunately, it is generally possible to transfer photo and video files from the mobile phone camera to the SD card in the same way mentioned above.

Just keep in mind that each file manager will use a different label or placement for the options, so it needs a bit of tweaking. If you are still confused, we can visit the help page of the mobile phone brand used.

In addition to manually transferring photo and video files, we can also activate the option to auto-save on the SD card where the method is more or less similar to the following.

Via Settings

  1. Open the camera app
  2. Enter the menu Settings (open icon hamburger menu if not already there)
    How to move camera photos to SD card - 6
  3. Move the mouse down
  4. Change options Save to SD card
    How to move camera photos to SD card - 7
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The camera application settings for some mobile phones are located on the main settings page. So if you don’t see the option to change storage to SD card, you can look for it in your device’s Settings app.

In addition, the name and placement of the options for doing so may also vary. In some mobile phones, this can be done by changing the storage directly to the SD card in the Save Location menu.

Therefore, we often need to visit the help page of the mobile phone brand we use if we want to know the steps of moving camera image and video files to SD card more specifically.