How to join and create a citizenship challenge on TikTok that is still busy

Nomessin – To prevent users from getting bored, TikTok always creates challenges every once in a while.

The Nationality Challenge is also a new challenge that is currently in the center of attention in the short video app.

The citizenship challenge itself is a challenge that invites TikTok users to create videos that show their faces when they become other ethnic groups from different countries like India, Italy, Russia, Germany, etc.

This challenge itself went viral on TikTok because many users were curious about what their face would look like when changed to ethnicity from another country. But you can’t create a gender challenge video directly on TikTok because it requires a special app, like FacePlay.

FacePlay will use the selfie face image from the user to be pasted and modified on the body provided in the video template.

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Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, the affixed face will adapt to the position of the body. In the FacePlay app there is also a video pack in the category I Come From Different Countries which will make your face appear in the race of many countries.

How to create a TikTok citizenship challenge

Make videos on FacePlay

  1. Download and install FacePlay from Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  2. Once installed on the mobile phone, open the FacePlay app
  3. push the button start
  4. Choose a menu camera or Choose from album to take a picture of a face
  5. Choose camera To take a selfie
  6. On the photo you took, press the button x Top right of the screen to skip the button subscribe now
  7. On the main page of the application, select the logo I come from different countries
  8. After that, you will encounter many video face packs from different countries
  9. Sign in with your Facebook or Google account
    TikTok FacePlay 1 Nationality Challenge
  10. push the button add face And take a selfie
  11. push the button start making
  12. Then, your face will be pasted on dressed-up videos from different countries
    TikTok FacePlay 2 Nationality Challenge
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Upload results to TikTok

  1. After creating the video on FacePlay successfully, press the button tik tok
  2. Later an edit page will appear in the TikTok app
  3. push the button next one To be redirected to the page Mail
  4. Next, add a comment with the hashtag # Nationality_ChallengeTag other users, location and more
  5. After everything is filled out, press the Publish button at the bottom of the screen
  6. Successfully uploaded videos will appear in the TikTok timelineTikTok Nationality Challenge

It’s worth noting that if you only use a free account in the FacePlay app, you can only access limited video features and packages. In fact, only one video package is available in the I Come From Different Countries category.

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Free video packages are usually marked with an arrow logo on the box. Meanwhile, video packages that can only be accessed by premium accounts will be marked with a diamond logo. To remove the FacePlay watermark on videos, you have to use a premium account.

You can sign up for a Premium account by paying IDR 35,000 per week which can be done via Google Pay or Apple App Store depending on the device you are using.

Despite its ease of use, I think you should be careful when participating in a citizenship challenge on TikTok because the image data provided can be blamed for being used by certain people like hackers or others.