How to view your Instagram directory and others

Nomessin – Instagram has brought many interesting new features for you to try. One of them is the Instagram guide now available in the latest version of the app

So make sure your Instagram app is always up to date so you don’t miss out on the new features it offers.

For those of you who don’t know the Instagram guide or how to view it, you might be confused. So, here is a brief explanation of the latest Instagram features.

What is Instagram Directory?

It can be said that the Instagram guide feature is similar to a short blog, but in the form of a video presentation containing all or inserting several images in the text to give a better explanation.

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Video content can be in the form of lessons or information intended to provide recommendations to followers. Instagram itself has broken it down into three types of content that users can share, including places, products, and posts.

Place Instagram Directory deals with providing information on a location that includes areas, tourist destinations, restaurants and much more. while on a productYou can recommend a product to promote on your Instagram account.

To be more relevant and interactive, the product category should have an Instagram store where users can directly visit the generated link by viewing the Instagram guide video. last category Mail They can be used to download a variety of content such as tutorials, tips, and information on new trends.

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Well, even though the Instagram guide feature has been launched for a long time, there are still many users in Indonesia who don’t know where to create the ultimate Instagram guide by celebgrams or other users.

How to get Instagram guide

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Choose Profile personly Celebrities or other users you want to see.Guide How To View Instagram
  3. Search Instagram guide icon Next to the Live and Photos icons.
  4. The Instagram directory list will also be visible on the profile.

It’s only if you or other users have never created an Instagram directory, the Instagram directory icon will not appear next to Live and only photos, videos and Live will appear. so you Must have guide for Instagram First for Instagram to show it on your profile. Good luck and God bless you!

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