How to make Instagram guide to guide other users

Nomessin– Instagram Guide is an Instagram feature launched in 2020.

This feature allows you to share information via Instagram that contains interesting recommendations for your followers.

With an Instagram directory, you can produce content with a set of posts to serve as a guide for other users. For example, you can recommend a favorite culinary or tourist place.

According to Instagram, the Instagram Guide feature is being introduced to provide interesting information to many users who cannot travel, so they have to stay at home due to the pandemic.

Over time, many users started to look at the Instagram guide to tell interesting things ranging from product recommendations, cell phones, clothes, home electronics, attractions, cooking, and much more.

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Additionally, the Instagram directory comes with three categories consisting of Places, Products, and Posts. If you select the Places category, you can share your favorite photos, videos, and locations. While the product category allows you to recommend your favorite products.

In the Posts category, you can select and collect your uploads to be included in the Instagram directory and shown to other users.

How does Instagram guide work

  1. Make sure your Instagram app is the latest version
  2. Open the Instagram app and login to the account
  3. Enter the menu Profile personly The one with the profile picture
  4. push the button Add code + In the box at the top right of the screen
  5. In the popup that appears, select Menu Instructs
  6. Next, select the appropriate category from places, products, or trusses
  7. After selecting the category, select the video or photo that will be used as Instagram guide
  8. push the button next one at the top right to continue
    Instagram Guide Part 1
  9. on the page new guide, You can add the title, change the cover photo, add a caption, and change the photo
  10. When the setting is finished, press the button next one On the top
  11. push the button Participate To share on Instagram
    Instagram Guide Part 2
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You can later access the Instagram directory on the profile page by selecting the tab with the folded paper icon. After that, you will see many recommendations with photos or videos collected from different publications.