OASE Hero H1 DE-H1 Review – Battery Lasts 10 Hours More And Has AUX-In

Nomessin – OASE offers a wide range of products for various sectors, including wireless audio via the OASE Hero H1.

Currently, wireless audio devices, whether headphones or earphones, often become an option due to their more practical functions. OASE Hero H1 DE-H1 that sells for Rp.200 thousand is also trying to revive this segment.

So what kind of audio experience does the OASE Hero H1 provide? Here is the review.

OASE Hero H1 Review

  • My voice – 7/10
  • Feature – 7/10
  • Design – 8/10
  • battery – 9/10

7.8 / 10


Priced at IDR 200,000, the OASE Hero H1 offers a simple design and a very long battery life. Suitable for those who just want to experience wireless headphones.


  • Long battery life
  • There is an AUX input
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Relatively comfortable bearing
  • easy to use


  • The construction is a bit weak
  • a lot of bass
  • Still using microUSB

The OASE Hero H1 comes in a fairly simple yet functional design. The entire body is covered in a matte black material that feels soft to the touch. Additionally, there is a silver tint that gives a slight impression of being made of metal even though it actually uses polycarbonate.

The overall chassis of the OASE Hero H1 doesn’t look very durable, and I even feel the band will break easily if I bend it. However, it is undeniable that the OASE Hero H1 at a glance will give the impression that it is more luxurious than the price.

Oise Hero H1 (1)

On the strap there is foam covered with faux leather which is enough to provide comfort on the top of the head when wearing headphones. Likewise on ear cushions that use a similar material as a protective material.

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The OASE Hero H1 uses an earcup design where the pads rest on the ear rather than over the ear surrounding the entire earlobe. Therefore, the sound and air insulation provided is not as good as over the ear, but it can still provide good wearing comfort.

Both earbuds can be adjusted in length and angle, although not by much. Additionally, the earbuds can be folded inward to provide more compact dimensions when they must be stowed in a bag.

The OASE Hero H1 has relatively small dimensions, both in earpiece and scope length, so it may not be suitable for users with a relatively large head size.

Oise Hero H1 (4)

The left ear piece is the main part as there are physical buttons for quick commands like play/pause, volume, play/pause, songs forward/backward. There is also a microUSB DC-5V port for charging the battery using the included cable (adapter not included).

The OASE Hero H1 also doesn’t have a proximity sensor, so there’s no play/pause feature when it’s released. Meanwhile, the device turns on or off by pressing the power button for two seconds. Later, OASE Hero H1 will enter pairing mode if there are no devices connected.

Interestingly, the OASE Hero H1 still offers an AUX port and a 3.5mm jack cable that can be used to connect to a source device. This way, the OASE Hero H1 will still be able to use when the battery runs out thanks to the cable support.

This is definitely a plus for those who may still be hesitant to use wireless headphones. In addition, this support is a solution in case the battery gets damaged one day in the future because the OASE Hero H1 will still work like traditional headphones.

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Oise Hero H1 (6)

Speaking of the battery, the OASE Hero H1 has a fairly high durability. When used wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection to connect to a mobile phone at a volume of 70%, I can use these headphones for about 9 hours with the battery remaining at 50% on a single charge.

Charging from the built-in 300mAh battery takes approximately two hours to fully charge again. Using microUSB does limit the charging speed, but I can really put up with it seeing the OASE Hero H1 that I only need to charge it every 3-4 days if it isn’t used extensively.

This number is quite high so I think it will be possible to use it all day long without worrying about running out of battery in the middle of the day. The battery is critical to any wireless device, and of course the durability of the OASE Hero H1 does not disappoint at all.

Oase Hero H1 (3)

Having enjoyed music all day with the OASE Hero H1, unfortunately, the audio experience provided was mediocre. The resulting audio profile tends to have very strong bass, even in my opinion excessive at times.

In addition, the OASE Hero H1 has some difficulty reproducing loud sound because it is often loud and beats other sounds. But fortunately, the low and middle sounds are relatively clear, and so do the vocals.

Therefore, I think the OASE Hero H1 is not suitable for vocal or instrumental genre music due to the high bass level. However, this would certainly make the OASE Hero H1 enjoyable to listen to music like EDM, although not all electro genres would be appropriate.

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The OASE Hero H1 also has a Bass mode that can be activated by pressing the power button three times to give a deeper effect if you feel the bass output is still not enough.

OASE seems to want to attract users who really like bass with this audio product, but I think it’s a good idea to lower the bass a bit to provide a more balanced audio profile.

In the product specifications, it wasn’t mentioned exactly what Bluetooth connection was used, but one online retailer did mention Bluetooth 5.0. One thing is for sure, the OASE Hero H1 has a fairly far signal range because it can still be clearly heard up to 10 meters from the source device.

Overall, the OASE Hero H1 DE-H1 is a decent wireless headphone priced at IDR 200 thousand. Those who want to try to feel the wireless audio experience at an affordable price, it is worth taking a look at this audio product from OASE.

Long battery life and support for AUX port when needed are the main strengths of this audio product. As for the sound, the OASE Hero H1 will be more suitable for users who really like bass.

Aside from being relatively comfortable, the design it carries also looks more luxurious than the price tag, as well as the texture of the smooth surface. However, there are still things that need improvement in terms of design, such as the chassis becoming more durable and the arrangement of the ear pieces more flexible.