How to reset Advan Tablet so that it is back clean as before

Nomessin – As an electronics company from Indonesia established in November 2007, ADVAN continues to compete with a diverse range of affordable products ranging from feature phones, smartphones, to tablets.

You can say that it is the Advan branded tablet that often offers the cheapest price compared to its competitors in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the hardware specifications offered by the tablet can be said to be convincing, such as the 8-student tablet, which is priced at just Rs 1 million with 3GB of RAM and 4000mAh battery.

As interesting as it is, there are times when Advan tablets have issues that make the operating system and apps unable to run smoothly even after clearing the cache, wiping data, updating and restarting the process.

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Therefore, sometimes you have to perform a reset on the Advan tablet so that the operating system can boot as before. If you can still enter the home screen of your Advan Tablet, you can perform a factory reset directly via Settings.

How to reset Advan Tablet

factory settings

  1. Open the app Settings
  2. Access the menu Backup & Reset (Backup & Reset)
  3. Choose a menu Factory data reset (restore factory settings)
  4. push the button Reset device
  5. When the permission dialog appears, press the button Yes to continue the process
  6. will discs Restart Processing returns directly to the post-factory
  7. After the operation factory settings After completion, the tablet will turn on and display as if you purchased it for the first time

In addition, Factory Reset will delete everything that is stored on your Advan tablet, so make a backup or back up data first to another volume to keep the data safe.

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If your Advan tablet is having issues of not being able to enter the home screen page, you can use a hard reset by performing repairs through recovery mode.

hard reset

  1. push the button Power For a few seconds to turn off the Advan tablet
  2. push the button Power with the . button Lower the sound
  3. After powering on, release the button
  4. You will enter the page recovery mode
  5. use button Power To select menus and buttons the sound To scroll up or down
  6. Choose a menu wipe data / factory reset and choose Yes
  7. next one Wipe cache partition Confirm by selecting Yes
  8. When the process is complete, select the option Reboot
  9. The tablet will restart and the tablet will be repaired
  10. Advan Tablet PC will be like the first time you buy it
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Similar to factory reset, this method will lose all data stored on your Advan tablet. But since you don’t have access to the operating system, unfortunately you won’t be able to backup your data first.

After the system on the Advan tablet boots up normally, you can add a password, pattern or PIN to the screen lock to make it more secure. If the tablet has a fingerprint or face unlock feature, it can also be activated to make it easier to unlock the screen.