How do you know when Free Fire maintenance time is up

Nomessin – Free Fire is a battle royale mobile game that is mostly played by players from Indonesia.

This same game challenges you to survive to be the last game in an area or island. By default, up to 50 players must fight each other to get the title of Booyah.

You can say that Free Fire is really fun to play with friends. But what would happen if Garena suddenly reported that maintenance would be performed on Free Fire?

Of course you have to wait for the maintenance to finish to be able to play again. In order to know for sure when the maintenance time is up, you can check the ads that are usually served.

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How do you see the end of free fire maintenance time

through games

  1. Open Free Fire game on your mobile phone
  2. After opening the game, log in to the account
  3. On the main game page, select Menu Evaluation On the right side of the screen
    Free fire games
  4. Next, select the page News You will see when the maintenance schedule ends
    Free Fire News

Normally you will also receive a push notification from Free Fire when the maintenance schedule is complete. Additionally, Garena usually also provides a popup regarding the completed maintenance schedule on the game’s main page.

via the site

Free Fire Web

Every game on average has an official website that usually contains a lot of information ranging from information about games, how to play, how to download, images for social media needs, important advertisements, and more.

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This also applies to Garena Free Fire, which has its official website. You just need to login to news page And it contains various news and announcements, including the schedule for the completion of maintenance.

Via social media

Free Fire Facebook

Important Free Fire announcements are usually broadcast live by Garena through official social media accounts such as Facebook. In other words, the announcement of the start and end times of maintenance will be notified on the social network.

You can find the official social media of Free Fire itself on Instagram Tweet embed And Facebook Garena Free Fire. In addition to posting, you can also monitor stories from these two social media as there is usually newer information available.

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