Celebrities can get income, Instagram starts trial subscription features

Nomessin – Following in the footsteps of Facebook that released a subscription or paid feature, Instagram introduced the feature which is currently still in the testing phase in the US.

Via the subscription feature or subscriptions, Now subscribers or creators can get additional income from followers or followers.

In exchange for payment, your followers will be able to enjoy a variety of exclusive content created by celebgram. Since January 20, 2022, Instagram has also opted for and simultaneously opened a subscription feature that can be clicked on the profile page of the selected celebgram account.

Ten celebrities have been chosen to test this feature, including @alanchikinchow, @sedona._, alizakelly, kelseylynncook, elliottnorris, @jordanchiles, jackjerry, @bunnymichael, @donalleniii and @lonnieiiv.

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Moreover, the subscription feature can not only allow celebrities to invest through the three services offered, but can also be a way to get closer to their followers, as mentioned in Adam Mosseri as CEO of Instagram.


Adam explained that subscription features fall into three types including subscriber lives, subscriber stories, and subscriber badges. Subscriber Lives is a service that provides the opportunity to provide live content that only paid users can enjoy.

Moreover, Subscriber Stories is content in the form of IG Stories specially made for paid users only. IG Stories content also features some special stickers that can only be used by paid users.

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Whereas subscriber badges are special badges or badges for those paid users. Apart from comments, celebrities can also tell that their followers are paid users via direct message (DM).

Instagram Subscribe Button on Celebrities

Although the celebgram chosen by Instagram is still relatively young, Adam said it is hoped that next month it will add other names so that more people can try out this subscription feature.

However, it is not certain when this subscription feature could be tested by users in Indonesia, who are still very active. Of course, Instagram users in Indonesia should wait for this feature.

Regarding the tariff itself, each user wishing to subscribe will be charged between 1-1000 USD per month. Each country will be linked at a price that varies and depends on the content the user chooses.

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