What is OpenSea and how is registration done?

Nomessin – Some time ago, Indonesia was shocked by the viral news about Ghozali who managed to sell more than 900 selfies of himself in NFT (Non-Fong Token) on the OpenSea platform.

This certainly makes many Indonesians tempted to sell NFT on OpenSea. However, what exactly is OpenSea? Is it the same as e-commerce or the market in general?

So I will explain about OpenSea and give instructions on how to register an account so you can sell your NFT.

1 What is OpenSea?

OpenSea is a marketplace platform that allows online buying and selling of NFTs. Founded by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah since March 2020, OpenSea has also grown to become one of the large and popular markets for NFT transactions in the world.

Briefly, NFT (Non-Foldable Token) is a digital asset Which uses blockchain technology so that every transaction can be recorded in it. Later in the NFT there is a unique code that makes the assets registered with specific people.

Each time an NFT is sold, OpenSea will provide a note that the owner has moved from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account at a pre-set price. Furthermore, OpenSea will also record whether the first buyer’s account is selling NFT to the second buyer’s account and so on.

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Meanwhile, Ethereum is the main cryptocurrency used for NFT buy and sell transactions on OpenSea. If you want to sell NFT on this platform, you must provide a minimum price of more than $2 or 0.0006 ETH. But if you don’t have your own business, you can also buy the NFT for someone else to resell.

To be able to register an account with OpenSea, you must have a crypto wallet or crypto wallet that will later be used to transfer balances so that they can later be exchanged for real money.

OpenSea itself offers a wide range of crypto wallets that can be connected such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, SFP Wallet, Fortmatic and many more.

2 Register an account and sell NFT on OpenSea

Register an account in OpenSea

  1. Go to the official website open sea and select Menu Mine wallet Wallet icon in the upper right corner
    OpenSea WalletConnect Login
  2. Choose a menu WalletConnect The site will appear QR Code Which is used to access OpenSea login
    OpenSea WalletConnect QRCode TrustWallet
  3. Go to page Settings By selecting the menu icon teeth In the lower right corner of the app
  4. Choose a menu WalletConnect and scanner QR Code Will appear
  5. Point your mobile camera at the QR code that appears on the OpenSea website
    Trust in Wallet Connect
  6. A notification appears in your encrypted wallet to connect to the account
  7. If successful, your account will be automatically registered to OpenSea
  8. Later your OpenSea account will be recognized by wallet address Seen in cryptocurrency wallet
    Trust Wallet Connect OpenSea Data
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Upload NFT to OpenSea

  1. push the button Creates On the home page of OpenSea
    OpenSea Trustwallet Create
  2. push the button OK To allow connected crypto walletsTrust Wallet Connect Sign OpenSea
  3. on the page Create new items, you can upload a photo, image, video, audio or 3D mode to become NFT
    OpenSea Create a new item
  4. Give the name of the NFT, provide an external link to the site or social media, describe the work, specify the amount of availability, and the blockchain network for buying and selling transactions
  5. When everything is filled in, press the button Creates
  6. push the button OK In the notification that appears in the cryptocurrency wallet
    OpenSea Create a New Item Part 2
  7. Your NFT is automatically uploaded to OpenSea and redirected to the page sold

Sell ​​NFT on OpenSea

  1. push the button sold To sell your NFT
    OpenSea Sell NFT Part 1
  2. Select NFT Availability Quantity, Price and Sale Duration
  3. If everything is done, then press the button full list
    OpenSea Sell NFT Part 2
  4. In the popup Complete your listHe asks you to, coin opening If this is the first time selling on OpenSea
  5. push the button Unlock
    OpenSea Sell NFT Part 3
  6. Journalism OK To give permission to use crypto walletTrust Wallet Connect Unlock Currency
  7. For the last operation, you are asked to press the button Signboard In section Signing the message
    OpenSea Sell NFT Part 4
  8. push the button OK In the notification that appears in the cryptocurrency wallet
    Trust Wallet Connect Sign OpenSea
  9. Congratulations NFT You have successfully entered the sales list in your OpenSea account
  10. You can press the menu Profile personly To see the works for sale
    OpenSea Sell NFT Part 6
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Additionally, you can sell with a choice of Etherium or Polygon on the Create New Item page. When using the Etherium network, gas will be charged before the NFT is uploaded to OpenSea.

However, if you choose Polygon Network, there will be no fees or gas fees when you upload your NFT to OpenSea, but a 2.5% fee will be charged after your NFT is successfully sold.