Bring Sony IMX 709, the latest features of OPPO Reno series will be more advanced

Nomessin – At an event called OPPO Reno Portrait Workshop, OPPO revealed the development of the mobile’s camera features from year to year.

In 2016, the device made by OPPO was popular with the Selfie Expert logo which indicates that it has such good front camera capabilities that it can spoil its users to take selfies.

Starting only in 2019, OPPO has positioned its devices by introducing advantages for the front camera as well as the rear camera. Even the Reno series is an OPPO cell phone line that offers an interesting Portrait feature capability.

OPPO is trying to offer superior features that continue to be developed based on artificial intelligence, especially Portrait.

“The longer Portrait is on a smartphone, the more users will like it and it will become a favorite feature on smartphones in 2022,”

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shows a glimpse into the history of the first generation of OPPO Reno released in 2019 so far. OPPO Reno 10x Zoom comes with artificial intelligence capabilities to support good photos on the front and rear cameras.

Still in 2019, OPPO also introduced the Reno2 series which brought the Super Steady feature that enables stable video recording even if the user is on the move.

Then in 2020, OPPO will introduce the Reno4 series with AI Color Portrait and Night Flare Portrait features. Then the Reno5 series saw developments with AI Highlight Video and AI MIX Portrait features.

While in 2021, OPPO Reno6 series will provide additional features such as Bokeh Flare Portrait Video that can produce bokeh effect videos that look more cinematic.

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Sony IMX 709 OPPO

For 2022, OPPO will introduce the latest Reno series with an improved Portrait feature. As a leak, this device will use a front camera with a Sony IMX 709 sensor.

also revealed that OPPO has worked with Sony for three years to develop the Sony IMX 709 sensor with an investment value of more than 1.5 million US dollars including 300 engineers and 87 patents production.

The Sony IMX 709 sensor has an increase in light sensitivity of up to 60% and a noise reduction of 35% compared to the sensor in the OPPO Reno6 Pro camera.

Interestingly, the Sony IMX 709 sensor has such a high level of sensitivity to low-light environments that it is able to produce bright and sharp images in low-light conditions or at night.


The Sony IMX 709 uses an RGBW (Red Green Blue White) sensor and Quadra Binning Algorithm technology that adds two white pixels to every four pixels. This allows each pixel to detect and recognize red, green, blue and white signals.

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The presence of the RGBW sensor on the Sony IMX 709 will make the camera from the latest Reno Series phones capable of producing clearer and more natural selfies. Meanwhile, Ario said that the Sony IMX 709 will be power efficient, have efficient image processing time, and be compatible with Qualcomm and MediaTek chipsets.

OPPO itself will soon present the latest Reno Series devices powered by the Sony IMX709 sensor in the first or second quarter of 2022. Overall, OPPO will present a cell phone with Portrait capabilities on the front and rear cameras.