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Nomessin – Best WiFi Repeater is the right choice for those who want to boost WiFi signal, be it at home, office or other workplaces because sometimes WiFi doesn’t have wide coverage to all parts of the room.

Best WiFi Repeater
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A WiFi repeater is an important component because it can make it easier for devices to access the internet due to the importance of the internet in today’s digital world. However, not everyone can choose the right signal booster. So, how do you choose the best WiFi repeater?

Tips and How to Choose a Good WiFi Repeater

The different types of WiFi repeaters will sometimes make you confused to choose. However, the selection of errors can be minimized by knowing the correct repeater criteria. Well, here are some tips for choosing the best WiFi repeater that you can apply.

1. Choose the Best Dual Band WiFi Repeater

You definitely want to get a fast WiFi connection, right? Well, you should choose the best dual band WiFi repeater because the repeater can pick up the signal from the router on one band and route it on the other band.

Make sure that the dual band is working properly because if there is only one band working then there is a possibility that the connection speed will be impaired. Usually the first band is at a frequency of 2.4 GHz whose signal can break through barriers and the second band is at a frequency of 5 GHz.

Although the second band has a higher frequency, the signal does not break through the barrier easily. This is why both bands should work properly.

2. Select the type of WiFi repeater according to the installation location

What type of repeater do you prefer, simple or flexible? If you prefer a simple repeater, you should choose the plug-in type as it is more practical without wires or wireless. You can plug it directly into the wall socket so that it does not take up more space for installation. But make sure it’s not too big to stay safe, yeah!

In addition to the plug-in type, there is also a fixed type WiFi signal amplifier that makes you free to place it anywhere because the repeater has a cable. Well, this use is recommended if it is very difficult to access the outlet location in your home. Next, do you know which type to choose the best WiFi repeater?

3. Choose the best WiFi Repeater with WPS Button

You definitely want to be able to easily operate the best WiFi repeater of your choice, right? Well, you should choose a signal booster that has a WPS or WiFi Protected Setup button because it can be easy for you to set up the first time you use it.

In fact, the main router and WiFi repeater will have the same SSID (Service Set Identifier) ​​automatically due to strong radio waves. However, glitches can occur at any time so you have to adjust them manually.

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10 Best WiFi Repeater Recommendations

Many brands of good WiFi repeaters have been sold in the market, both online and offline, and some are sold at cheap to expensive prices. Sometimes it makes you confused which one to choose. Well, here is the best WiFi repeater recommendation from Nomessin Which can strengthen your WiFi signal.

1. Xiaomi Extender Pro

Best Xiaomi Extender Pro WiFi Repeater
Xiaomi Extender Pro WiFi Repeater

You are definitely no stranger to the Xiaomi brand, are you? Not only mobile phones, there is also a WiFi signal booster named Xiaomi Extender Pro which has two external antennas with 2dBi transmitting power so that the pickup and transmit power becomes stronger.

In addition, the transfer speed is 300 Mbps and can be used by sixteen devices simultaneously. Therefore, you and your family can use it freely.

Not only at home, because the best wifi repeater is also suitable to be installed in your workplace, such as coffee shops or coffee shops visited by millennials. There is also no need to worry because this repeater will be automatically updated so that it can always be used with the latest updates.

2. Huawei WS311C WiFi Extender

Best Xiaomi Extender Pro Huawei WS322 WiFi Repeater
Xiaomi Extender Pro Huawei WS322 WiFi Repeater

Similar to Xiaomi Extender Pro, Huawei WS311C also has speeds of up to 300Mbps, allowing you to enjoy HD video streaming without buffering, music or playing online games comfortably.

Not only that, but you can also choose the best WiFi repeater on this device if you choose an extra type signal amplifier so that it can be plugged directly into a wall outlet without using cables or wireless.

In addition, Huawei WS311C can be used easily because when you press WPS on the router, the Huawei range extender will automatically follow it. In this way, the WiFi signal can be detected faster.

3. Wavlink AERIAL D4-AC1200 Range Extender Router

Best Wavlink AERIAL D4 WiFi Repeater - AC1200
Wavlink AERIAL D4 Wi-Fi Repeater – AC1200

When you choose Wavlink AERIAL D4-AC1200, you will get the best wireless WiFi repeater which is easy to use because it has a WPS button to automatically capture and transmit WiFi signals.

In addition, there are also LAN and WAN ports that can be connected to different devices. You definitely want to access the internet smoothly, right?

Well, this long range WiFi repeater has a dual-band connection where the simultaneous connection is 5GHz at 867Mbps and 2.4GHz at 300Mbps with a total bandwidth of 1167Mbps so you can stream HD videos and listen to music and play online games smoothly.

4. Asus RT-N12HP Wireless Router

Best Asus RT-N12HP WiFi Repeater
Asus RT-N12HP WiFi Repeater

Asus RT-N12HP is the second best WiFi repeater that has three modes simultaneously in one device, namely router, repeater and access point modes with just one touch.

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In addition, the feature of high-power technology makes the wireless signal can be increased and the coverage range increased by up to 2 times. This is really fun, isn’t it?

The Asus RT-N12HP provides four levels of wireless networking that can be accessed by managers, employees and guests with different access settings, making it suitable for use by small and medium businesses.

5. Range Extender TP-Link TL-WA850RE

Best TP-Link TL-WA850RE WiFi Repeater
TP-Link TL-WA850RE WiFi Repeater

The next best recommendation for a WiFi repeater is the TP-Link TL-WA850RE which has a plug-in type that can be plugged directly into a wall outlet. In addition, this signal booster has speeds up to 300Mbps and provides a LAN port to connect to a device so that the speed of internet access can be faster and more stable.

Another feature, this repeater has a smart LED with five levels of signal strength so that you can easily see if the signal on the repeater is stable or not. Well, you have to choose the installation location that shows three signal lights to get a good connection. This way, you won’t be disturbed by the slow connection.

6. WiFi Router Repeater Kicktech LV-WR02B

Best Kextech LV-WR02B WiFi Repeater
Wifi Repeater Kextech LV-WR02B

Do you have a limited budget to buy a WiFi repeater? No need to worry because you can choose Kextech LV-WR02B as the best WiFi repeater of your choice. Although the price is reasonable, the resulting speed can be up to 300Mbps.

Well, there is also a WPS button which can make it easier for you to operate the WiFi signal booster. The Kextech LV-WR02B is also equipped with dual LAN ports that can be connected directly to your device. Interestingly, you can easily convert LAN to WiFi on this WiFi signal booster.

7. WiFi Repeater Comfast CF-WR302S

Best Comfast CF-WR302S WiFi Repeater
Comfast CF-WR302S WiFi Repeater

If you want the best low-power, eco-friendly WiFi repeater, the Comfast CF-WR302S is the right choice. Well, you can save on electricity because this signal amplifier consumes low power.

Next, the thing that makes this signal amplifier an environmentally friendly product is the low radiation level compared to Qualcomm and Broadcom Chip. In addition, the Comfast CF-WR302S is the right choice if you want a simple type of WiFi signal repeater because this WiFi signal amplifier has a plug-in type so that it can be plugged directly into the wall outlet in your home. So, is this product your best choice?

8. Tent AC6 WiFi Router

Best Tenda AC6 WiFi Repeater
wifi repeater tent AC6

One of the things that interfere with WiFi connection are walls. However, you do not need to worry when choosing the best Tenda AC6 WiFi Repeater because this WiFi signal booster has twice the ability to penetrate walls compared to other regular routers.

It is undeniable that Tenda AC6 is a dual-band WiFi router with strong signal and stable performance because the speed can reach 1.167Mbps and it is equipped with 900MHz Broadcom Chip CPU.

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Not only that, a high power amplifier and antenna makes the WiFi signal accessible to all parts of the house so that you and your family can stream videos and play online games anywhere and anytime. Of course, the Internet experience will be more enjoyable.

9. European Netgear RBS50

Best Netgear Orbi RBS50 WiFi Repeater
Netgear Orbi RBS50 WiFi Repeater

This product is not an ordinary WiFi repeater, it is a satellite WiFi that can reach a very wide area so that all parts of the room can access the internet safely because the speed is also high and stable.

Now, a special application is provided to adjust the settings so that you only need to use a mobile phone that can be used to test the Internet speed, limit the number of connected devices, set smart parental controls, filter the Internet, etc.

The function of Smart Parental Controls and Internet Filtering is to determine the type of content that your child can access and to automatically adjust the Internet time. Really sophisticated, isn’t it? But the price is actually much more expensive compared to the other best WiFi repeaters, yes!

10. WiFi Extender PROLINK PEN1201

Best PROLINK PEN1201 WiFi Repeater
PROLINK PEN1201 WiFi Repeater

The last recommendation for the best WiFi repeater is PROLINK PEN1201 because it has many advantages that you can take advantage of. Well, the first feature is the 3in1 function that makes this a repeater, router, and access point.

In addition, its small size and light weight makes it easy to carry PROLINK PEN1201 to different places to extend and strengthen the available WiFi signal so that the WiFi signal is better. After that, you can easily find out the stability of the signal by the presence of LEDs in the front.

Not only that, how to use this WiFi repeater is also easy because you just need to plug it into a wall outlet and do the pairing by pressing the button on the front. Next, would you choose this signal amplifier?


This is the best signal booster review you can add to your reference before buying. Although frequent spotty WiFi connections can be strengthened by installing a WiFi repeater, it will be useless if you do not pay close attention to the installation location.

Therefore, make sure that the distance to install the best WiFi repeater of your choice is not too far from the device that will be used to get the signal you want. Hope it is useful!


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