Review of 10 Recommendations for the Latest Best Gaming Mouse Brands

Nomessin – For true gamers, it is a great desire to have a device or tool used to play games. One of the tools that can support comfort in playing games is a Gaming Mouse. In different claims from the usual mouse, this gaming mouse has a higher sensitivity than the usual mouse. So that when playing games, the targeting process against opponents can be done more quickly and precisely.

Best Gaming Mouse Brand

The quality of the material used is also better and stronger so it can withstand up to 20 million clicks. Also supported by the chipset and embedded memory up to 1 GB. Besides being used for playing games, this gaming mouse can also be used for daily activities so there is no need to use a different mouse.

However, there are many gaming mice on the market today, with tempting price and quality offers that make it difficult for you to choose a good and durable gaming mouse. In the following, information will be presented ranging from tips on choosing a gaming mouse, recommendations for the best gaming mouse brand, to how to take care of a gaming mouse to keep it durable.

Tips for Choosing a Good Gaming Mouse

To have the best gaming mouse, you should pay attention to the following tips so you won’t be disappointed when you use it. Here are some tips.

1. Palm Size

The main thing to note is the shape of the palm. If your palm is small enough, it is recommended to choose a gaming mouse that is not too wide and long so that you are comfortable using it because it fits in your hand.

If the size of your palm is quite large, it is recommended to use a gaming mouse with a wide and long design. This needs to be considered, so that when using it for a long time your hands do not feel sore.

If you are left-handed, choose an ambidextrous and symmetrical mouse design because this mouse shape is very comfortable to use either on the right or on the left.

2. Type of Grip Style

There are 3 types of grip styles that need to be considered. Palm grip, claw grip and fingertip grip / tip grip. Find out first your type of grip style. This type of palm grip is most commonly used by gamers and non-gamers, relying on the index finger, middle finger and thumb to grip the mouse and cover all parts of the mouse.

This type of claw grip can be seen from the shape of your hand when holding the mouse like a bird’s claw. Less comfortable to use for a long time because the hands will get tired easily, but in terms of speed this type is superior. This fingertip grip is quite unique from other types because it only touches the mouse without placing the palm of the hand so it is more natural.

3. Mouse Sensor

Gaming mice usually use a laser mouse as a sensor, because this laser mouse has a high sensitivity above 10,000 DPI compared to optical mice. Gamers will usually choose this laser mouse for speed and accuracy to reach targets more accurately. In order for the sensor to work properly, it is highly recommended to use a soft base or a special mouse pad for gaming.

10 Daftar Rekomendasi Merk Mouse Gaming Terbaik

After knowing the tips for choosing a gaming mouse, it’s time for Nomessin to review the list of recommendations for the best gaming mouse brands that can be used as a reference so you won’t make the wrong choice, here’s the list.

1. Gaming Mouse Razer Viper 8KHz Black

Gaming Mouse Razer Viper 8KHz Black
Gaming Mouse Razer Viper 8KHz Black

A very well-known and recommended gaming mouse brand is the Razer Viper 8KHz. Known as the fastest gaming mouse in the world, this mouse is made with Razer’s Hyperpolling technology with a polling capability level of up to 8000 Hz, making it superior to other mice that only have a limit of up to 1000 Hz. The number of 8K polls allows this mouse to send 8 times more data in just one second with a low latency of only 1/8 millisecond, making it more responsive and accurate.

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This gaming mouse uses the 2nd generation Razer Optical Switch on the sensor so that the control is more absolute. The lightest mouse on the market weighing only 71 grams. Made with an ambidextrous design that makes this the best gaming mouse that can be used by left-handed people when holding the mouse. It has USB micro controller connectivity and is made of 100% PTFE material on the bottom, making this mouse more nimble when used on a mousepad.

2. Gaming Mouse JeteX MSX3 Series

Gaming Mouse JeteX MSX3 Series
Gaming Mouse JeteX MSX3 Series

If you are looking for a mouse with a different design from other gaming mice, then the Jetex MSX3 brand is the thing. This mouse uses an optical base and a laser on the mid button which makes this gaming mouse different from other brands that usually use rubber balls. Work faster without a hitch, so you don’t have to worry about missing a moment while playing the game. Consists of 7 main buttons such as light control, right button, left button, forward, backward, DPI switch, and the middle button makes the movement faster and has high accuracy.

The RGB Lightning design of the JETE MSX3 will help users more easily point the cursor and choose which button to respond to commands. The sensitivity level reaches 4800 DPI so that it can move as fast as lightning without reducing its accuracy. Can be used on various PC or laptop platforms with the embedded USB Jack cable. The trendy and elegant design makes this the best gaming mouse no less competitive.

3. Gaming Mouse Logitech G102 Prodigy RGB

Gaming Mouse Logitech G102 Prodigy RGB
Gaming Mouse Logitech G102 Prodigy RGB

A mouse that has been widely used by the public because it is known for its unquestionable quality, Logitech also released their gaming mouse with the G102 Prodigy RGB edition. Has a classic design optimized with materials that are definitely durable, lightweight and comfortable in the hand. 8 times faster than standard mice, making the mouse clicked or moved to respond almost instantly on the screen. Supported by sensors up to 8000 DPI, accuracy and consistency will be well controlled.

The metal springs on the left and right buttons of this best gaming mouse make you don’t need to spend more energy when using it. RGB lightsync technology allows the resulting lighting to be more dynamic. Coupled with full spectrum customization of 16.8 million colors so that the resulting lighting effects will be in sync with the game being played.

There are 6 configurable buttons with the G Hub to simplify gaming action. By saving preferences in G Hub, you can start using another PC right away without reinstalling software and configuring previously made settings.

4. Gaming Mouse Fantech X5s Zeus RGB

Gaming Mouse Fantech X5s Zeus RGB
Gaming Mouse Fantech X5s Zeus RGB

If you like to modify your gaming mouse as you wish, then it is highly recommended to use the Fantech X5s Zeus RGB. This gaming mouse provides an opportunity for you to set buttons, multimedia and lights, edit script macros and save all profile settings to the computer so that they can be accessed more quickly.

The RGB Chroma light from both sides of the mouse body and the light for DPI can be personalized to make it look more attractive and unique according to your playing style. Anti-slip on the left and right of the mouse body makes the hand more comfortable when making fast movements.

Not inferior to other gaming mice, Fantech is also equipped with a high polling rate of up to 1000 Hz and a 4800 DPI sensor so that it has a very high speed. With a capacity of 10 million clicks, you can be sure that this best gaming mouse will last a long time for you.

5. Gaming Mouse Razer Basilisk V2 – Wired

Gaming Mouse Razer Basilisk V2 – Wired
Gaming Mouse Razer Basilisk V2 – Wired

Many recommended by its users because it always has good reviews, the best Razer Basilisk V2 gaming mouse is also very good for beginners or pros. It has 11 programmable buttons via Razer Hypershift. This program includes advanced features in Razer Synapse 3 that can complete all your needs in just one device.

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With the dial at the bottom of the mouse, it allows you to change the scroll wheel resistance at the top center to be as smooth as possible according to your wishes. Utilizing infrared light, this optical sensor can work with a response time of 0.2 milliseconds.

Having 20,000 DPI with 99.6% accuracy, you can be sure that the performance of this best gaming mouse is very consistent, accurate and very fast. Supported by Razer Chroma RGB with 16.8 million colors, lighting effects from games will be displayed with the mouse.

6. Gaming Mouse Xiaomi Dual Mode Wireless-Wired

Gaming Mouse Xiaomi Dual Mode Wireless-Wired
Gaming Mouse Xiaomi Dual Mode Wireless-Wired

Can be used with two wireless or wired modes, the best Xiaomi Dual Mode Wireless/Wired gaming mouse is also highly recommended. This 2.4G wired and wireless connection makes it more stable and the transmission is super fast.

There is a DPI plus or minus button that can be used to adjust the DPI speed as desired. Has a more brilliant RGB lighting that can be adjusted by yourself in the front and back light areas.

It has 6 buttons that can be adjusted automatically using software so that it can be adjusted according to user needs. The shooting speed of the button when pressed is very accurate because it is supported up to 7200 DPI. Can be used for PC, laptop or notebook

7. Gaming Mouse HyperX Pulsefire Haste

Gaming Mouse HyperX Pulsefire Haste
Gaming Mouse HyperX Pulsefire Haste

The best gaming mouse made especially for you elite gamers who don’t want to miss a fraction of a second while playing games. Weighing 59 grams, this mouse is relatively light. Using TTC Golden on its micro-switch makes your clicks very reliable up to 60 million clicks so they will have a long life too.

Embedded with a flexible HyperFlex USB cable makes this mouse can be used in various types of computers or any PS. The PTFE wheels make every scroll so smooth and easy that it’s very simple to dominate the game.

Designed with an ultra light hex shell with a honeycomb motif, it allows ventilation and air to flow properly. Equipped with grip tape on the left and right buttons, so it is very comfortable to control and grip. Customizable with HyperX Ngenuity software for customizing DPI settings, RGB lighting, button assignments and macro recording.

8. Gaming Mouse Rexus Xierra X8

Gaming Mouse Rexus Xierra X8
Gaming Mouse Rexus Xierra X8

You will get a very comfortable design when you use the Rexus Xierra X8 gaming mouse. There is a thub-rest as a thumb holder when pressing the next and previous buttons on the left of the mouse. Equipped with macro software that can be used when downloaded. Save this macro software on your computer so that it can be used to set macro features in repair and perform some other configurations.

Complete DPI levels from 800-3200, then upgradeable up to 4800 with macro software. Having a polling rate of 1000 Hz makes this the best gaming mouse very responsive and accurate. The process of playing games or other work will be very helpful if you use multimedia mode or game mode. The entire mouse body is surrounded by a line of light obtained from the Running LED RGB.

9. Gaming Mouse Asus ROG Keris Wireless

Gaming Mouse Asus ROG Keris Wireless
Gaming Mouse Asus ROG Keris Wireless

The best gaming mouse from Asus ROG Keris has good reviews from its users. It has three modes of connectivity, namely through energy-efficient Bluetooth LE that can be used for daily tasks, ultra-fast 2.4 GHz Wireless for gaming and wired USB, making it very easy for you to control every job from a certain distance. Using an ergonomic design concept assisted by professional gamers, so it is ideal for all types of hands.

Has a micro switch with a lifespan of 70 million clicks so it is very long with the gold plated connection for durability. There is anti-slip on the surface of the left and right buttons of the PBT so that it is sun-resistant and the touch is consistent.

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Charging with USB Type-C for 15 minutes, this mouse can be used for 12 hours. Using wireless can be used up to 56 hours if RGB is on. The DPI On-The-Scroll feature of this best gaming mouse allows you to adjust mouse sensitivity without any software assistance. Just pressing and holding the DPI button then turning the scroll then the sensitivity level can be adjusted.

10. Gaming Mouse Lenovo Legion M200

Gaming mouse Lenovo Legion M200
Gaming mouse Lenovo Legion M200

If you are a gamer at the beginner level or are still an amateur, there is also the best gaming mouse that you can use, namely the Lenovo Legion M200. Designed with an ambidextrous model, this mouse is very comfortable to use even if you are left-handed. The price is quite affordable, this mouse is cheaper than others, but the performance and functions in it do not need to be doubted. It has 5 buttons, namely the encoder button, side button, left and right buttons, DPI and scroll wheel.

There are 4 DPI settings to choose from from 1000 DPI to 2400 DPI. This best gaming mouse has 7 backlights that alternately make this mouse user even more excited when playing games. The frame rate is up to 500 fps with a maximum speed of 30 inches per second.

Some Ways to Care for Gaming Mouse

In order for your gaming mouse to last longer, it is necessary to pay attention to the following ways to take care of your gaming mouse so that it remains durable even when used as often as possible.

1. Clean Periodically

Cleanliness is indeed the main concern in maintaining the quality of electronic devices, including gaming mice. Cleaning this gaming mouse is not only to neutralize the bugs embedded in the mouse, but to make the mouse always look like new.

When cleaning the mouse, make sure it is turned off and remove the battery for the wireless mouse. It is highly recommended to use microfiber by mixing a little soap to clean it.

Use disinfectant wet wipes to neutralize germs. Make sure no liquid gets into the hole to avoid a short circuit. To clean the dust on the optical mat, use a cotton swab and wipe gently so as not to damage the optics.

2. Keep away from liquids

Indeed, when you have played the game, it will be very lazy if you move from your seat even to take a drink. Therefore, usually gamers will put their drinks close to the position when playing games. However, when he was excited to play, the drink that was placed was knocked over and the water spilled onto the gaming mouse until it got wet.

This will affect the performance of the mouse which can decrease. Therefore, make sure your mouse is not near liquid objects. Also make sure when touching the gaming mouse, your hands are dry so as to avoid the potential for fungus or germs to accumulate on the mouse.

3. Use Mouse Pad

Make sure you always use a mouse pad when using it, in addition to supporting the smoothness of the sensor, the optics on the gaming mouse is also protected from dust and the mouse is kept clean. Use a flat and soft base. The color also needs to be considered, it is highly recommended to use a bright mouse pad so that mouse movement can be easier.

There has been a lot of information presented above, hopefully it can help any of your questions and confusion regarding the knowledge of the best gaming mouse electronics. If you want to find out recommendation information from electronic products and so on, you can visit apply for other articles.


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