How to order items on TikTok if there is something you want to buy

Nomessin – Like Instagram and Facebook, TikTok has also penetrated the buying and selling sector with a feature in its app called TikTok Shop.

TikTok Shop is here to make it easy for you to make profits by selling merchandise on your short video based social network. In fact, to attract the interest of many people, in certain periods TikTok will offer discounts on product prices and free shipping coupons.

Although there is a TikTok Shop here, some of you are definitely a little confused about how to find and order items because there is no special menu that instantly displays a catalog like a market.

The average salesperson on TikTok still uses the creativity of users or creators to create short promotional videos that usually appear randomly on your app’s home timeline.

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Sometimes users TikTok will also use Live  To make sales interactive with buyers and offer attractive discounts on products as well.

To make it easier to find the product you want, you can take advantage of the search feature of the TikTok app and use specific keywords directly to view videos that sell the desired item at a later time. Add to cart.

How to order items on TikTok Store

  1. Access the TikTok app and login to the account
  2. on the page Homepage, Choose a menu Search The person with the magnifying glass icon in the corner the correct employment
  3. put it in Key words The product you want to buy, for example YoyiC, Click on the magnifying glass icon
  4. Later, videos promoting and selling YoyiC مشروبات drinks will appear
  5. Open a video and select the menu that shows the name of the item which is usually above the video maker’s account name
  6. After that, you will immediately face the product purchase page
  7. Choose the product and quantity
  8. If you are lucky, you will get products at low prices and free shipping coupons
  9. Once everything is selected, press the button Buy now to buy directly
    TikTok Shop 1
  10. After that, press the button Add a payment method To select a payment method
  11. After selecting the payment method, press the button Complete and place Request
  12. Make a payment and your item will be processed automatically
    TikTok Shop 3
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After the item has been successfully purchased, you have to wait for the item you are purchasing to be packed and dispatched by the seller. you can go on Monitor the progress of the purchased goods through the order list Found on the settings page.

I ordered the products myself from the TikTok store where the seller sent the goods 1 day after purchase, while the delivery to my home took about 3 days. However, the estimated delivery time will vary depending on the store and the product you are purchasing.

In addition, TikTok provides convenience in payments by offering many methods ranging from GoPay, bank transfers, DANA, debit or credit cards, OVO, to Cash on Delivery.

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