Samsung files a patent for a smartphone with a dual-fold mechanism

Nomessin – The patent reveals that the device has a similar model to the Galaxy Z Fold3, but with an additional foldable screen.

A new patent appears in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Samsung Galaxy Z Fold with improvements to its foldable screen. Samsung has largely proven itself in this segment smart phone folds. After several years of being a solo player, followed by struggling Huawei, the company is finally seeing some competition, but it is still limited to the Chinese market.

According to the reported patent jezchina (31/12) Design smart phone folds Offered by Samsung offers a dual-folding mechanism. The patent reveals that the device has a model similar to Galaxy Z Fold 3, but with an additional foldable screen.

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The patent also reveals something that appears to be a connector, like the one on the Huawei Mate X. This bridge, or so-called bridge, contains a USB Type-C port. Meanwhile, the top half of the bridge features a camera module that will extend from the phone.

Despite this promising design and unique appeal, there will be many challenges in achieving it. Perhaps one of the main problems is from the side of durability. Having more foldable or movable parts on the device will pose a greater challenge to the durability of the device. Not only that, but the configuration of the camera module must also be taken into account.

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However, as is always stated in every patent, the products launched are not always the same, nor are they necessarily released. Patents can also be used to secure a design from its competitors, and that’s probably what Samsung is doing.