Samsung is working on a tri-fold smartphone

Nomessin – cell phone number It can be said that the magic of Samsung’s foldable smartphone has been a huge hit in the smartphone market. Then now, the South Korean giant is increasingly expanding its dominance in the foldable smartphone market by introducing a triple screen phone.

Samsung is coming to CES 2022 and bringing three new flex panels to Las Vegas, with the Flex Note built for laptops and the Flex S and G going for smartphones.

Later, the company will be able to offer a 13-inch laptop, and when it is extended, the screen width will become 17 inches.

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Meanwhile for plates Flex S, likely to make a smartphone with an S- or Z-shaped design. The screen bends in two places, dividing the screen into three parts. And one of them is on the outside, performing additional screen functions when the device is folded. The Flex G screen also folds into three screens.

Unfortunately, the company has not revealed when the foldable phone will be released. This is still a beta and beta release for a future foldable device. Samsung itself also did not discuss issues of reliability and durability, and created software for such gadgets.

According to Counterpoint Research’s latest foldable smartphone shipment forecast, shipments for 2021 will remain in single digits, around 9 million units. This will still be a 3x growth as of 2020 with Samsung controlling more than 88% of the market share.

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According to Jene Park, Senior Analyst who leads foldable research at Counterpoint, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy foldable phone is a highly anticipated smartphone as it is expected to bring significant improvements over its predecessor.

“With significant price cuts, and improvements in design and appearance; Samsung is likely to target younger customers with its new Flip foldable smartphone. The new Galaxy Z models will get S Pen support as well, which can help accommodate existing Note users, As quoted by the Selular team from Gizchina, Jene Park said (9/1/22).

The premium smartphone market in China will be very attractive to Samsung. Jin also said that Samsung’s success could contribute to the total volume of shipments and sales of its new foldable device.

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