How to turn off Twitter DM so that no one can contact anyone

Nomessin – Direct Message or DM is a feature that allows you to interact by sending short messages with other users on the Twitter website or app.

You can say that a DM is quite effective if you want to have a conversation with a quick response on Twitter. Moreover, on average, you can submit complaints to the customer service of a product, such as operators, food, restaurants, beauty, etc through the DM feature.

For example, you can file a complaint that the food you ordered at a restaurant is not appropriate, then you can express it to customer service via the restaurant’s DM account.

But sometimes direct messages can be annoying when you receive a lot of bad messages, disrespectful words, insults and more from people you don’t even know.

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To stop these unpleasant messages, fortunately you can restrict your Twitter DM feature.

How to stop Twitter DMs

via the site

  1. Open Twitter through the browser on your laptop and log in to the account
  2. on the home page or Homepage, select button more The three points in the circle on the left
    Twitter Web DM Part 1
  3. Next, select Menu Settings and privacy
    Twitter Web DM Part 2
  4. Enter the menu Privacy and Security
  5. Choose Direct message
    Twitter Web DM Part 3
  6. on the page Direct message, You can deactivate the section directly Allow message requests from everyone
    Twitter Web DM Part 4
  7. After the settings are completed, the DM button is no longer present on the profile page

Not only through the site, you can also remove or disable the Twitter DM feature through an app on an Android or iOS mobile phone.

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Via the app

  1. Open the Twitter app on your mobile phone and log in to your account
  2. on the page Homepage, Select the profile menu which has the profile picture icon in the upper left corner of the app
  3. Choose a menu Settings and privacy
  4. on the page settings, Choose a menu Privacy and Security
    Twitter DM App Part 1
  5. After that, go to the menu Direct message
  6. Press the toggle button in the section Allow message requests from everyone To inactive mode turns gray
    Twitter DM App Part 2
  7. If you go back to the profile page, the DM button will automatically disappear on Twitter

When the Direct Message button is missing on the profile page, other Twitter users will not automatically be able to send DMs because they are limited to people you already follow. Like it or not, only Twitter users can comment on or mention the account.

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Although many social networks have now appeared with different features, there are still many loyal users of Twitter. One of the things that continues to attract Twitter are the tweets with the character limit.

Additionally, Twitter also has Space which is a Clubhouse-like voice chat feature that can be streamed to other Twitter users. Besides being able to listen to the chat, participants can also have a conversation with the speaker.