How to play the popular Twitter game Wordle!

nomessin – Now many people are sharing screenshots or screenshots of answers from the Wordle game they are playing on the Twitter social network.

For those who don’t know, Wordle is a puzzle game that asks players to guess one word correctly every day but won’t be given an idea of ​​the word to answer.

As the initial creator of the game Wordle, Josh Wardle also revealed that he’s found over 12,500 five-letter words for gamers to answer.

Typically a wordle has five columns and six rows where five columns denote five letters horizontally which should be exactly one word. While six lines indicate a maximum of six times the chance to answer the word correctly.

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The faster the word is found, the higher the score. But if you can’t answer the words until the last chance, the game will show you the answer and of course your score will also be small.

With Wordle, you can invite friends or family to play together, and the others usually exchange ideas to find the right words. Meanwhile, to be able to play Wordle, you can follow these steps.

How to play Wordle

  1. Download and install Wordle – Daily Word Challenge from Google Play Store
  2. Open the Wordle app on your mobile phone
  3. Choose language type To challenge a word (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, or Italian)
  4. after language is selected, then you will go directly to the main page which has five columns and six rows
  5. On that page, you are challenged to answer a random word correctly with letters entered in five columns
  6. If your answer is correct, the game will be over and you will get the score immediately
  7. Once done, you can share the results on Twitter
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Wordle game

It should be noted that every day the word will be replaced by the system which will be indicated by the word change word countdown time in Wordle – Daily Word Challenge.

When the letters in the five columns are green, it means that all of your answers are correct. However, if there are still gray letters, it means that the letters do not fit into the correct words so they must be replaced.

Meanwhile, if the word is yellow, it means that the letter is written in the correct word, but you must change the position and give you six chances to arrange the letters in the correct word.

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For example, the correct word for that day is huge. When you answer silky on the first line, then LKY It will be highlighted in green and SI will be shown in grey. So, you can reply in the second line and guess the correct answer.

Reply time huge In the second line, you automatically complete the Wordle game and get a score. You can also share it directly on Twitter or other social networks.