What is HF and the purpose of selling iPhone Fullset No HF?

Nomessin – If you notice, the terms of sale of this type of HP iPhone seem to be very diverse. First, starting with type, examples like iPhone Inter, Refurbished, Distributor, Exchange, Order, and even HF Term.

Because many people don’t know about HF in terms of buying and selling Iphone, under the Kompiwin team HF team will explain and the purpose of selling the complete iPhone range without HF.

This term mainly refers to the safety status of the HP device, and HF itself is an acronym for hands free. So you already know the picture hands free How does it look? For more details, we have summarized the discussion below.

Understanding HF on iPhone

Connect the handsfree with HP

in this meaning , hands free is being An audio communication device that is functionally and physically similar to earphones and headphones. However, the handsfree device has a smaller size to facilitate its use for communication and other audio listening needs.

This audio driver is presented in the form Iphone before, and for consumers who officially purchased iPhone through Official StoreIn the box, the packaging is included in the package hands free and other complementary accessories.

That’s why buyers are totally looking for these devices because apart from helping to communicate via voice aids, they also have the quality of hands-free built in. Iphone It is believed to be very good.

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Due to its role as a communication tool, it means that the handsfree device is responsible for capturing the sound and the catches are recorded with the help of tools such as microphone.

Practical for users who are very busy and don’t have time to hold their cell phone to communicate, then you can easily use a tool like this handsfree.

How to use it like headphones Generally, users just plug them into their ear holes, and make sure the placement is correct and comfortable for clear sound as well.

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Meaning of selling iPhone Fullset without HF

Hands-free purchase

After we know what HF ​​is and the purpose of selling a complete set of iPhone no HF, the next step is to continue with the widespread iPhone selling system in the market.

As we explained above, product type Iphone There are different types that are being sold to the public, there are genuine products, distributors products, refurbished products, and original products from abroad, and there are not even a few that claim to be original even though they are fake.

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Tips for you Before buying an iPhone, make sure that the store you choose is a trusted one. Look at sales history from store activity which shows they are really real sellers, not scams.

Then choose the product you want to buy, if you choose again, make sure that it is in good condition and does not have many physical defects. And if you have it from a distributor, pay attention to the warranty they offer, because there are also rogue distributors who don’t want to be responsible when customers demand a warranty.

And one more thing if you’re still confused about the sales caption”iPhone full set no HFDid the merchant sell HP products Iphone Complete set but not available hands free. The complete set like other accessories such as adapters, charger cables, HP books, etc.

So don’t be surprised if it turns out to be in the box Iphone What you buy is not given HF. Because they want to sell HF separately with price tag according to their order.

What is the difference between handsfree, headphone, earphone and headphone?

Different forms of free speech

This handsfree device has a complex system of devices, and its main function is clearly the hearing aid and auxiliary communication microphone as a hunter.

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The handsfree has a kind of speaker button, sometimes found in a small box on the cable.

There are several types of handsfree devices, some of which use cables and some of them use technology wireless. However, the cabling system hands free The iPhone is known to be a bit strange, the user must first connect through it Bluetooth Although kind hands free cable.

So the difference with other hearing aids is that headphones tend to listen My voice. If they are used for communication, the recipient of the message can only communicate in one direction. There are no headphone models available microphone.

As for the headset and headphones, is almost the same hands free The only difference is the look and the quality microphone As well as their sound.

The last word

Now you know what HF ​​is and what do you mean by selling a complete set of iPhone no HF? It is hoped that you will be more careful in choosing the type of iPhone in the market, and not be deceived by the tempting temptation of the buyer.