This is the reason why ads suddenly appear on mobile phones

Nomessin – Mobile phones have become one of the devices many people use to support daily activities, from study and work to entertainment.

But what happens if one day an ad suddenly appears on a mobile phone? Of course this is annoying and annoying to rest when doing important things or playing games.

Especially if the ads you show have bad content, it will surely make you more annoyed. Why do ads suddenly appear on mobile phones? Can it be overcome?

Reasons why ads appear suddenly on mobile

Malware hacked it

When you install certain apps from unsafe places, sometimes malware can sneak in. Malware usually annoys mobile users in various ways, including popping up ads all of a sudden.

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For this reason, you can try to install third-party antivirus and malware programs such as Malwarebytes to detect their presence. Later, you just perform a scan by selecting the scan menu until the process is complete.

If one of them contains malware, Malwarebytes will show it. After that, it is advisable to delete the application so that the mobile phone is back to normal.

Unlock specific sites

When you open certain sites in the Google Chrome browser, sometimes annoying ads suddenly appear. Usually sites will force browsers to display ads so that you do not click on them by mistake in order to make a profit for the site.

To reduce the appearance of annoying ads on Google Chrome, you can visit site settings, Then select the menu Pop-ups and redirects. Then you just press the switch to position Inactive to gray.

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Free games or apps

It is common that free games or apps that offer a variety of features usually use ads to earn money as a form of monetization.

Sometimes some free games will show popup ads every time you complete a task. Even if you are not mitigated when entering the game or losing the game, ads can still appear. In addition to this, there are also applications that will render ads displayed to the mobile phone once they are installed.

So make sure that the application you install on your mobile phone does not use very annoying advertising methods if you do not like it.

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Original ads from the system

Xiaomi is a mobile brand that uses advertising as one of its revenue sources. Xiaomi frankly says that advertising is one of the factors that can make the price of its products cheap.

But of course you will be annoyed if the ad appears suddenly while doing activities on apps or playing games. As for this, there aren’t many ways you can do other than checking if the settings are available or not.