The complete difference between iPhone iBox/TAM, Inter and Distributor

Nomessin – posterior existence Iphone Recognition is growing very quickly. As consumer demand rises, it encourages stores to provide merchandise and competitive prices so that they can dominate the market.

Several types of stores An apple sold Iphone Which have different meanings and availability of goods. For example, iBox, TAM, Inter stores and distributors offer different services and products.

If we know the type of HP sales, Android If it is not in the official store, it can be through the HP counter. Although iBox, TAM, inter, and distributor are technically HP’s counter.

But each has its differences, especially in the merchandise they sell. For that, we will provide an education on the differences between iPhone iBox, inter and distributors so that you don’t buy the wrong device.

Reason for trading activity Iphone It is quite vague, some unscrupulous merchants describe their products as authentic, but in fact Iphone It is previously included in the merchandise Black market.

The difference between iPhone iBox, Inter and Distributor

So far, there are three types of stores, each with a difference in the merchandise they sell, iPhone iBox or iPhone TAM, then inter, and finally the distributor.

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Each one actually explains where it came from Iphone Originally, and at the same time knowing whether the iPhone case we want to buy is possible or not.

We will explain in detail the differences between iPhone iBox, Inter and distributors in the article below.

iPhone iBox / TAM

iPhone iBox TAM

The first difference is the iPhone iBox also known as TAM. You can say if you buy Iphone Here, the products they will offer are all original and officially guaranteed by Indonesian companies.

iBox is an official company that sells products in Indonesia, between iBox and TAM, the truth is that they are still one brother, so don’t panic if you’re in a box. Iphone What you buy on iBox is written with the TAM logo.

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It is certain that the products sold on iBox are all official products, because each of them has been registered by the company in order to reduce shortages and losses by buyers.

The product you buy is guaranteed and guaranteed.The exact price is definitely higher than the store and distributor.
Ease of warranty claims in iBox all over Indonesia.New iPhones take longer.
The IMEI will not be blocked because it has been registered.
The quality of iPhone products is guaranteed to be good.

iPhone Inter

Delivery is still three

This kind of iPhone product does not enter Indonesia through official channels. Products are brought individually or imported without after-sales service.

You can be assured that this product is an iPhone internal phone is that out of the box there is no production code label, no label available An apple, the charger is in the form of a tripod, the manual does not contain written Indonesian translation.

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Official international guarantee.If you want to claim the free warranty, the warranty claim is only applicable in the country of origin. And it takes a very long time.
Pricing tends to be easier than iBox.If the product enters the black market, the IMEI will surely have problems.
Usually the latest version of iPhone enters Indonesia faster than iBox.He has no official service.
All accessories provided are original.

iPhone distributor

The difference between iBox and Inter

The last difference is the distributor version. The meaning is Iphone Brought to Indonesia by distributors but officially.

Therefore, it is the distributor who guarantees the warranty Iphone to you within the time frame you specify.

It can be seen if the dealer’s iPhone has an expired Apple warranty, uses KW or OEM accessories, and sometimes the iPhone has defects such as refurbished.

Prices tend to be cheaper than products sold in other stores.Users will get an expired Apple Warranty.
Almost the same new iPhone products will enter Indonesia faster.Most scam distributors are not responsible if something goes wrong. This means that warranty claims are a bit tricky.
Unofficial warranty, they can fix it.
Lots of refurbished and replacement products.

Do you want to know the meaning of the code from your iPhone? We summed up iPhone country code means With how to see the code.

The last word

This is somewhat the difference between iPhone iBox, inter and hub. So before buying an iPhone, make sure that the type of iPhone you are going to buy is listed in any one. We hope the above article was useful and we will see you again in the content of the next article.