How to subscribe and unsubscribe HBO GO across different platforms

Nomessin – HBO GO is an HBO video-on-demand streaming service that can be accessed through websites and apps and can be enjoyed by the people of Indonesia.

In general, HBO GO offers a variety of series or movies from HBO and HBO Asia Originals. Not only that, this service also offers Hollywood movies and TV shows from different channels, from HBO, HBO Hits, HBO Family, HBO Signature, Cinemax and RED by HBO.

In other words, HBO via HBO GO is trying to compete with many other video streaming services such as Netflix and Disney + Hotstar by offering a variety of movies and shows to attract movie lovers.

To be able to enjoy the content on HBO GO, of course, you must immediately subscribe to a Premium account such as Netflix. Later, you will also get benefits such as the ability to download videos so that they can be enjoyed offline in the applications installed on your mobile phone.

When you sign up for a Premium account, you can also stream videos on HBO GO on two devices at the same time. So, for those who want to subscribe to HBO GO, there are several ways to choose from.

How to subscribe to HBO GO

Via apps on Android

  1. Open the HBO GO app and log into your account
  2. Choose a menu Participate or Choose your plan
  3. Select the desired subscription type (monthly or per 3 months)
  4. push the button Complete
  5. Select your payment method from the Google Pay menu that appears
  6. Enter the password of the Google account and press the button Check
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Google Play Store HBO GO

On the plan page, you can choose 3 month plan If you want to get a discount by subscribing directly for 3 months. But if you only want monthly, you can choose Monthly plan Regular price 60,000 rupees.

Via apps on iPhone

  1. Access the HBO GO app and log in
  2. Choose a menu Choose your plan or Participate,
  3. Choose 3 month plan or Monthly plan
  4. push the button Complete to complete
  5. When the Apple Pay payment menu appears, enter Face ID Connection ID, or pin to complete the payment

It should be noted that if you subscribe to HBO GO using Google Pay or Apple Pay, you can get a 3-month direct subscription promotion for Rs 99,000 from the regular price of Rs 159,900.

Through the MyTelkomsel app

  1. Open the MyTelkomsel app on your Android phone or iPhone
  2. search page the shopping icon Basket
  3. Choose the package Max Stream HBO GO (5 GB, IDR 60 thousand per month)
  4. on the page detail package, You can view information about supported streaming services
  5. push the button Buy
  6. on the page method of payment or payment, push the button to push And follow the next process to finish
    HBO GO Telkomsel
  7. After successfully subscribing to MyTelkomsel, open the HBO GO app and login to your account
  8. on the page Participate, Select Telkomsel in the section Connect your existing subscription to HBO
  9. After that, enter Telkomsel Number Those who have subscribed to MAXstream HBO GO
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Via Firstmedia or IndiHome

You can subscribe to HBO GO directly through the Firstmedia or IndiHome services with packages that include an HBO GO subscription already available.

For Firstmedia, HBO GO is available for Combo Supreme X1, Combo Maxima X1, Combo Ultimate X1, Combo Infinite X1, Combo 1 Gbps X1, and HomeCable Ultimate. Meanwhile, the IndiMovie 2 package for IDR 70,000 per month from IndiHome includes subscriptions to HBO Full Pack and Cinemax.

After confirming your subscription to this package, you can open the HBO GO website or app and log in with your account. Then find the subscription menu, select Firstmedia or IndiHome on the Select your billing method page, and select Link your existing HBO subscription.

Enter your username and password from Firstmedia or IndiHome. Follow all instructions provided in order for your HBO GO subscription to be detected so you can enjoy the premium content of the current video streaming services.

How to unsubscribe from HBO GO

Through apps on Android phones

  1. Open the Google Play Store app
  2. Select the profile picture to the right of the app
  3. Choose a menu Payments and subscriptions (Payments and Subscriptions)
  4. Choose a menu Subscriptions (Client)
  5. Choose the HBO GO app
  6. push the button unsubscribe (unsubscribe)
  7. Select the reason for canceling the subscription. If you don’t want to know the reason, you can choose the option refuses to answer (refused to answer)
  8. push the button Complete (Complete)
  9. push the button unsubscribe (unsubscribe) to confirm
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Via apps on iPhone

  1. Open the app Settings (Settings) on iPhone
  2. Select your Apple ID account name at the top
  3. Choose a menu Subscriptions (Client)
  4. Select a subscription to the HBO GO app account
  5. push the button unsubscribe (unsubscribe)
  6. HBO GO app account subscription will stop automatically

Through the MyTelkomsel app

If you subscribe to HBO GO through the MyTelkomsel app, the subscription will automatically stop after 30 days. In other words, you have to manually re-subscribe if you want to enjoy HBO GO on Telkomsel.

Via Firstmedia or IndiHome

In this case, you have purchased an internet package from Firstmedia or IndiHome which includes HBO GO. Therefore, you cannot opt ​​out of HBO GO other than stopping the package you are using by contacting Customer Service.