11 Top Brands of Women’s Eyewear: Contemporary & Trendy

Nomessin – Glasses, a mandatory accessory for anyone who wants to look fashionable without much effort.

The good news is that now there is a variety of women’s eyeglasses with different models to match different fashion styles according to your mood.

Are you looking for the best eyewear products? Don’t worry, here you will find 11 options for the best eyeglasses from various well-known brands.

Starting from those that cost hundreds of thousands to millions of rupees, you can adjust them as per your pocket.

Come take a look at the following recommendations!

1. Berrybenka Xienda Decyta Brown Round Sunglasses

women's eyeglasses price

Berrybenka is here for anyone who wants to look maximally cool but on a budget.

This brand offers trendy eyewear products that you can get at very reasonable prices.

The Xienda Decyta sunglasses from Berrybenka feature a modern classic design so they can be counted on to complement your contemporary look.

These glasses have thick, semi-circular frames that make a classic statement.

Combine it with classic and modern fashion to get the best look.

2. Berrybenka Lythia Decyta Yellow Round Sunglasses

Fashionable women's eyeglasses price

Still from Berrybenka, these Lythia Decyta sunglasses are for those of you who love to get active in the sun.

These yellow lens sunglasses are sure to make your look instantly cooler.

With a metal frame of the same color, these large-lens glasses can accompany you on a fun weekend. The good news is that you can get these glasses at a very affordable price.

what are you waiting for?

Pair it with vintage, classic or modern outfits and you’re ready to turn heads!

3. Zara cat-eye sunglasses

Branded women's eyeglasses price

ZARA is here as a reference to get the glasses that fit your style.

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This world-famous brand offers cat eye sunglasses products that look great for various events. As the name suggests, these glasses take on the shape of a cat’s eye with a pointed tip on the top.

For your good mood, these glasses can be the right choice to complete your OOTD.

These ZARA glasses are made of resin and equipped with 100% UV protection properties so they are safe to accompany your outdoor activities.

Zara women's eyeglasses price

In addition to cat eye glasses, ZARA also offers eyeglasses products with metal frames that look more simple and elegant.

For those who want to appear trendy without making an excessive impression, these glasses are worth choosing. These resin glasses also have gradient lenses, so they are comfortable to use when the sun is shining.

Besides the 100% UV protection feature, you should add Metal Grame glasses from ZARA to your collection list.

Coming in a classic retro style, you can combine these glasses with different fashion styles.

5. Oakley’s Fallout Frogskins Black Decay with Dark Gray

Women's glasses price 2019

If you are a fan of the Oakley brand, this product is too tempting to ignore.

Frogskins sunglasses with tinted lenses look very attractive for those of you who want to look fashionable in different occasions. Made with advanced technology, it’s no wonder these glasses provide extra protection for your eyes.

Although these glasses are often used by men, they are also suitable for women who want to look sporty.

do you know? Many Indonesian artists like Prisia Nasution and Roby Geisha have been caught on camera wearing these glasses, you know!

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6. Oakley Fallout Frogskins Bronze Decay with Ruby Aired

Women's eyeglasses recommendation

From the Fallout series, these glasses from Oakley come in a more natural black finish.

For those who want to look “natural,” these sunglasses can be a recommendation you’d be a shame to miss.

Made of high quality materials combined with advanced technology, these Fallout Frogskins goggles are suitable for those of you who love outdoor activities.

However, you can also use it just to be stylish in the mall or entertainment places.

7. Half Jacket Oakley 2.0

Women's sports glasses

Another Oakley person, those who want to look cool in a sporty look should wear these glasses.

These Oakley half-jacket sunglasses feature a half-frame design with square-shaped lenses.

The black color is able to support various activities, especially when the sun is shining.

Equipped with unobtainium nose pads, of course these glasses are very comfortable to wear even for a long time.

Oakley logo on the bridge makes you more confident wearing it!

8. Burberry sunglasses

Beautiful women's glasses

For those of you who want high-quality products from world-class brands, these Burberry glasses should be added to your wishlist.

These Burberry framed leopard-embellished sunglasses make a “bold” statement to your look.

Besides the cat eye design, it is definitely suitable for your personality.

The Burberry sunglasses are made with acetate frames with brown lenses so they look very harmonious overall.

Combine it with various fashion items with nuances to look perfect.

9. Michael Kors chamois sunglasses

Branded women's eyeglasses

Be confident with the Chamonix sunglasses from Michael Kors. These stylish glasses for girls are very cute, especially if you can choose the appropriate option.

With a cat-eye shaped frame, these glasses are perfect for those of you who want to look feminine.

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Besides the plastic frame that comes with the choice of pink, these glasses are a must have in your collection.

Chamonix sunglasses are also equipped with up to 100% UV protection, so you can move freely without fear of glare.

10. Michael Kors Syndey sunglasses

Women's glasses 2019

Michael Kors also offers streamlined eyewear products for those of you who want the natural look.

These rimless sunglasses have dark tinted lenses which make them suitable for outdoor use.

For those of you who like to wear glasses for a long time, Sydney sunglasses are so light to wear that they keep you comfortable.

Bearing the concept of aviator eyeglasses, these glasses can be combined with a variety of your favorite styles.

11. Michael Kors Antigua Sunglasses

Women's eyeglasses recommendations 2019

Best recommendation from Michael Kors falls on Antigua Sunglasses which carry a feminine concept with plum tinted lenses.

Besides thin frames, you can combine these glasses with boho fashion.

You can also count on aviator sunglasses for outdoor activities as they offer up to 100% UV protection.

You can use these various recommendations for women’s eyeglasses as a reference to get the best eyeglasses. what are you waiting for?

Come on, get it right away!