11 Best Eyewear Brands for Men: Sporty & Contemporary

Nomessin – For some men, glasses are a weapon to look stylish, along with supportive fashion.

If you feel incomplete without glasses, consider the following selections of the latest men’s eyeglasses.

Among the many well-known brands, you can find 11 recommendations that you should definitely consider.

It comes with different styles, you can explore the right option for your optimum looks.

1. Zara turtle shell effect glasses

men's eyeglasses price

As a well-known brand, Zara offers a variety of men’s fashion products, including eyewear.

For those of you who love to use products from this brand, Zara Tortoises Shell-Effect sunglasses are just as interesting as enhancing your style.

Designed with a unique tortoiseshell frame, these glasses can attract attention.

It is perfect if you want to be different from others. Clear lenses make these glasses can be used both during the day and at night.

Pair it with boho style outfits for the ultimate look.

2. ZARA mirrored sunglasses

Men's glasses at the price of 2019

You can also choose from these sunglasses. Zara Mirrored sunglasses come with protective lenses that can protect the eyes from UV rays.

For those who often do outdoor activities, these glasses can be a faithful friend in the scorching sun.

With its wide lens profile, this Zara product can also complement your style.

Pair it with your favorite fashion styles to look confident.

3. Round mango sunglasses

Best price for men's eyeglasses

From the brand Mango, Rounded sunglasses are a recommended product for those of you who want to look great without putting in much effort.

These round frame glasses look stunning and are always ready to be your style booster anywhere.

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The metal handle design combined with the acetate frame make these goggles extremely sturdy.

These sunglasses can also be relied upon for outdoor activities as they feature 100% UV protection.

You can combine these glasses with formal or casual outfits.

4. Retro Style Mango Sunglasses

Branded men's eyeglasses price

If you are a fan of retro style, then Mango Retro Style Sunglasses can be the right choice to look cool and contemporary.

These classic shades have a square acetate frame.

With metal handles, you can wear these glasses anywhere.

The gradient lens makes a retro impression to support your look, and it’s equipped with 100% UV protection so it’s safe to use outdoors.

Pair it with retro outfits for a cool look.

5. Giordano F GD GA00695

official men's eyeglasses price

These Giordano sunglasses are intended for men with mature personalities.

The minimalist design of the glasses is ideal for young professionals.

With handles made of metal, these glasses have square shaped lenses with slim frames so that they are comfortable to wear and make a grandiose impression.

You can combine it with formal attire for a professional look.

For those of you with under or over eye problems, you can adjust the lenses as needed.

6. Polaroid S PO S PLD2031

Fashionable men's glasses

For those of you who spend time outdoors, these Polaroid glasses can be the right choice to look stylish while protecting your eyes.

The men’s design makes you look more attractive and suitable for all situations.

Polaroid glasses have a half frame made of high quality plastic material, so they are lightweight, comfortable to wear and durable.

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With dark colored lenses, you can be sure that you can see freely even when the sun is hot.

You can use it to complement your streetwear, or even with a uniform.

7. Oakley Field (Youth) Satin Black Day

Men's sports sunglasses

These glasses are just for you guys at heart!

Oakley Field Day (Youth) in black with green accents can make you look more confident.

Made of ultra-lightweight material with a specially designed nose pad, these glasses are very comfortable to wear even for long periods of time.

Equipped with Unobtainium technology, these fashionable glasses will be slip-resistant so you can move freely throughout the day.

This product is also equipped with Three-Point Fit so that the lens remains in a precise position.

8. Oakley Black Satin Chamberet

Black sports sunglasses for men

Another sunglasses from Oakley, these black tinted sunglasses fit your style. Look more elegant by wearing these glasses wherever you go.

Wear it with formal or casual wear, you will definitely look more charming!

These Oakley goggles feature a lightweight titanium grip along with an interchangeable nose pad to ensure your comfort.

This product is also equipped with Unobtainium Earsock so it is anti-slip even if you are sweating.

Therefore, these glasses are highly recommended for modern men.

9. Adidas F AD A692/10

Formal men's sunglasses

Adidas is a brand that you’d be unfortunate to miss if you’re looking for your favorite eyewear product.

This type of eyeglasses is made of high quality and lightweight plastic material, so you will still feel comfortable even if you wear them for a long time.

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The black handle combined with the white frame creates the impression that the gradient looks sporty, as on Adidas. With a comfortable nose pad, these glasses definitely won’t bother you.

You can combine it with casual clothes to look great.

10. Ray-Ban Aviator Carbon Fiber

branded eyeglasses price for men 1

No eyewear recommendations are complete without Ray Ban glasses.

Therefore, a new arrival product from Ray Ban has been introduced which is a pity to miss.

From the range of Aviator glasses, you can choose Ray Ban Aviator Carbon Fiber which looks very manly and elegant.

These sunglasses, which are predominantly black in color, are made with metal handles combined with neovan polar green lenses.

These green lenses are able to protect your eyes from the intense sun, it is no wonder that these glasses are often used by pilots.

11. Ray Ban New Wayfarer Liteforce

Ray Ban sunglasses for men

This is the best recommendation from Ray Ban.

The new Wayfarer Liteforce sunglasses have a cute and masculine design in a matte brown colour.

Combining a plastic frame and polycarbonate technology lenses, these glasses are the right choice for your outdoor activities.

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