11 of the best hijab brands for modern purposes!

Nomessin – Who said it? Now you can look beautiful even if you are wearing a hijab.

Hijab no longer looks boring now because there are many designs that will make you look perfect.

How does the hijab look? Check out the following trendy hijab collections from some of the leading brands in Indonesia.

1. Kayla’s Zat Scarf for Pink

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The first hijab collection came from Elzatta, a famous brand in Indonesia. For those of you who want to look their best on a special day, the Kalila Laoura Scarf collection can be counted on.

The zata hijab features a multi-colored floral motif with dots that gives a modern statement to your look.

This scarf can be the right choice, whether for formal occasions or for everyday use. Moreover, it is made of satin material, of course the Kaila Lalora scarf is very comfortable to wear, not slippery and not hot.

2. Kayla Lamarisha’s Zata Scarf

Trendy hijab prices

Hijab makes Muslim women look more graceful and elegant. Especially with choosing the right hijab like this Elzatta Kaila Lamarisha hijab.

Floral motifs and tendrils dominate this ivory yellow scarf to make this scarf look stunning.

You can use it for different occasions, both special moments and formal occasions.

Pair it with a contrasting color dress to make your look more elegant. This scarf is also made of satin material so it is comfortable to wear all day long.

3. Kinara Al-Rasika Al-Zat Scarf

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Another offering from Elzatta, this polysilk scarf looks very elegant but the price is very affordable.

The Raqqa Canara Scarf is here to spruce up your look on different occasions.

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Although it is made of lightweight and shedding material, this veil is not transparent, so there is no need to worry.

Soft colors with floral motifs make your look more unique.

You can combine it with a darker top to make it look modern and elegant.

4. Zoya Rina Scarf

The price of the veil is 60 thousand

Zoya also does not want to be left behind in offering a variety of beautiful hijabs to Indonesian Muslim women.

From this brand, you can choose Renae Scarf which will make your overall look look elegant and modern.

Renae Scarf is a rectangular scarf made of polyester.

We guarantee that you will not have any problem wearing it because this scarf is very easy to shape. The presence of abstract motifs adds an elegant touch to your look.

Pair it with a plain dress in a contrasting color to add extra flair to your look.

5. Zoya Acacia Scarf

zoya hijab price

For those of you who need a hijab reference suitable for use in special moments or casual occasions,

Zoya acacia scarf could be the right choice. This rectangular scarf offers beautiful floral motifs with a variety of primary color options such as red, peach, dusty green and many more.

The polyester material makes this hijab comfortable to wear and not slippery. You can combine it with a casual style or with an elegant dress.

6. Zoya blunt philia HeiQ

normal hijab price

Want a more practical cover? Kalila Filia HeiQ is here to offer the best solution for those who don’t want to wear hijab.

This casual style instant brogue is perfect for those of you who are after time but still want to look stylish.

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Made of Lycra material, the Zoya Hijab is very comfortable to wear even if you have a lot of activities.

The size is also wide enough that it can cover the chest. Besides the wrinkle detail in the front, this veil looks more charming.

7. Rabbani Riya HY S

rabbani hijab price

Who does not know Rabbani?

One of the pioneers of the hijab brand in Indonesia remains committed to offering attractive options to Muslim women. For the 2019 trend, you can choose the Reia HY S hood that is very practical and comfortable to wear.

This veil comes in a V-shaped cut with frill details at the bottom.

The size is wide enough that it can be used to cover the chest and stomach so that your look looks tougher.

You can combine it with your favorite shirt of the same colour.

8. Rabbani Zahira Alisha R 1 V

The price of the beautiful Rabbani hijab

Rectangular lid is really suitable for different purposes.

For those of you who are looking for a multi-purpose veil, Zahra Alaishah by Rabbani is worth considering.

This lightweight rectangular scarf looks simple and is suitable for use anywhere, be it in the office, campus or everyday use.

Using digital printing techniques, the distinctive motifs look unique and different.

You can choose your favorite color from green leaves, pastel blue, pink, gray and many more.

9. Green Rice Higob Scarf

Best price for hijab

For those of you who want to beautify yourselves with collections of well-known brands, choose this green Cedar scarf.

This rectangular scarf design looks very charming, along with the print details which contrast with the primary colours.

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Cotton voile material makes this hijab soft, comfortable and easy to use.

Wear it with your favorite blouse or dress for a special occasion or special moment.

10. Mustard Higob Scarf

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Another set of Hijup! The mustard scarf comes in vibrant colors so it is suitable for different occasions, whether during the day or at night.

This Hijup Rectangular Scarf is made of super soft cotton voile, but it’s easy to shape, not slippery, and not hot.

Mustard color combined with contrasting floral print makes your look stunning.

Wear it with a dark dress or blouse to make your beauty shine even more.

11. Dian Pelangi Hijab Abutai Black Fashion Week. Paris fashion week

Hijab latest price

Collections from celebrity designer Diane Pelangi are absolutely gorgeous and can’t be missed!

For those of you who want to enhance your look with the hijab that was shown at Paris Fashion Week, the Abutai hijab is the right recommendation.

The veil of the Dian Pelangi collection in black is made of a soft silky satin material.

You can combine it with different styles, casual and elegant.

Price: IDR 337,500 (Hijup.com)

what are you waiting for? Add to your hijab collection and look more confident all day long!