Branded Modern Trendy Bags For Women

Nomessin – There are different types of bags that women often use, one of them is a backpack. Now there are various options of women’s backpacks that are not only versatile but can also make you look stylish.

If you’re looking for a backpack that looks great for everyday wear, here are some great recommendations worth considering.

Provided by a famous brand, of course, the quality of the product is unquestionable.

Check out the reviews below:

1. Craig Backpack

women backpack price

The Craig Backpack from Berrybenka is perfect for those of you who are mature.

This jet black backpack has a very simple cut that shows your elegant and charming personality.

This bag has a main zip compartment.

The size is not too big which makes it convenient to use anywhere. Items like powder, mirrors and cell phones are safer with this backpack.

Combined with the top carry handle, this backpack allows you to carry it around for a more modern look.

2. Glovy Julian Flap Front Pocket

2019 women's backpack price

Go in style with this backpack from Berrybenka.

This backpack has a simple design and is equipped with a fold-over pocket on the front and a back zip pocket.

Coming in a light brown colour, this bag can be the perfect choice to complete your elegant look.

You can combine it with different kinds of fashion styles.

Made of faux leather, this backpack is comfortable enough for everyday use.

3. Gloddy Julian Zipper Detail Gray

Best price for women's backpacks

If you’re after a stylish look, the Gloddy Julian Backpack from Berrybenka is ready to complete your day.

This backpack is laminated in gray, and features an interesting detail on the front.

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In addition, the uniquely designed brim pocket is ready to secure your small trinkets such as cell phones, headphones, brooches, etc.

Besides a zip pocket at the back, you can put your important things there.

Overall, this backpack is perfect for your elegant casual look.

4. Yeni Octarina Mixed Multicolor Tartan

Unique women's backpack

You can get a unique model backpack from Berrybenka.

This unusually designed backpack comes in a checkerboard print in red, black and white.

For those of you who are bored with the same backpack, the multi-colored Yinnie Backpack from Berrybenka can be the right solution to looking trendy.

This bag has interesting details with one main compartment.

Pair this bag with your best outfit and get ready to turn heads.

5. White Urban Bucket Bag

Fashionable women's backpack

Another recommendation from Pull & Bear, this bag with a chic feel is perfect to accompany you.

Whether you are going to the office, campus or the mall, this backpack is very practical and can be used to carry all your necessities.

Coming in white, this trendy bag looks perfect for those of you with a playful and playful personality.

With a not too big size, this bag is able to complement your fashion.

6. Blue Backpack With Cookie Print

cute womens backpack

Do you like biscuits? What if you could take it anywhere?

Not in the form of real cookies, but with a motif printed on the backpack. Pull & Bear presents a unique cookie-wrapped backpack.

This bag can make it easier for you to carry different things due to its large size. This backpack also has a front pocket and main compartment with zip.

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Made of a blend of cotton and polyester,

The Pull & Bear cookie print backpack is very convenient to use.

7. Black Double D-Ring

Black Women's Backpack

Pull & Bear also doesn’t want to be left behind in offering a wide variety of backpacks for women.

One of the right recommendations to accompany your daily life is the Black Double D-ring.

As the name suggests, this stylish bag comes in black.

Equipped with one front pocket, two side pockets and a double D-ring, this bag is able to complete the look.

Whether you go to the office, campus, or just for a leisurely walk, the Pull & Bear in backpack can be the right choice.

8. Multicolored Orange Backpack

Beautiful women's backpack

Tired of the same old backpack look?

Now’s the time to bring a new color to life with the multicolored orange backpack from Pull & Bear.

This backpack product features a unique blend of blue, mustard yellow, pink and orange. This backpack is capable of attracting attention wherever you are.

This backpack is made of polyester and has a top carry handle as well as a front pocket and a main pocket, making it practical for different purposes.

9. Herschel Nova Small Light

Women's Backpack Recommendations

Herschel presents a backpack that is suitable for everyday use.

This brown tote bag is comfortable to wear and easy to mix and match with a variety of stylish looks.

The Nova Small Light Backpack is made of 600D polyester and equipped with a front pocket and a main compartment.

There is also one laptop pocket, so this bag is convenient for carrying to the office or campus.

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The top grab handle provides an option to carry this backpack, not only to put it on the back but it can also be carried around.

10. Average size of Herschel settlement

Beautiful women's backpack price

For those who want to look different with attention-grabbing accessories, this bag can be a recommendation worth considering.

This Herschel backpack comes in an attractive floral print.

Besides the attractive color combination, this bag can definitely make you look different.

The medium sized backpack is made of 600D polyester and equipped with a laptop pocket, a main compartment, and one front compartment. You can also adjust the rope length as desired.

11. Kipling Class Seoul S.

Pink Women's Backpack

You’re the one with a fun personality that fits perfectly in this backpack.

This light pink color backpack looks very charming, giving a feminine impression to your overall look.

This backpack by Kipling is made of polyamide and has two front pockets and one main pocket.

You can also use the side opening to store drinks or other items.

There is also a pocket for a laptop, so this backpack is suitable for different purposes.

Did I make your choice?

Make sure that the women’s backpack you choose fits your personality and fashion style.