Top 11 Originals Branded Bags for Women

Nomessin – What makes you appear more confident? In addition to fashionable clothes, branded bags will certainly be one of the answers.

Yes, this is not a mistake. Well-known brand bags are able to give confidence to every woman who wears them.

But wait! Don’t feel inferior when you mention branded bags, okay!

It turns out that there are still many well-known brands out there that offer quality bags at low prices under the million you know.

Come on, let’s take a look at some recommendations for branded bags that range from perfectly pocket-friendly to great priced ones.

1. Elizabeth Bags Nayara

Branded bag price

Those who love to shop must be very familiar with this brand. Elizabeth is indeed a favorite among women as it offers branded merchandise ranging from shoes to bags at affordable prices.

Like this Nayara bag, you can look great wearing it. Made of faux leather in a gray color, Elizabeth’s Nayara bag is suitable for carrying anywhere, whether in the office, college or just hanging out with friends. There are several compartments so it is perfectly functional for all your needs!

2. Elizabeth Jane bags

elizabeth branded bag

Still from Elizabeth, this women’s bag looks very elegant and feminine.

Available in three colors, pink, brown and beige are more suitable to complete your look. There is a main compartment with a lockable lid so that the safety of the items you carry is ensured.

This faux leather bag is very suitable for combining different fashion styles, you know. Those who want to go to the office or on the break can count on this bag from Elizabeth.

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3. Maxi Terry Bag from Zara

Branded tote bag price

Do you want to have a unique bag that makes you look different?

Check out the latest bag products from Zara on this one. This extra large tote bag comes in green as well as several other color variants.

There is a strap on the side and a strap that is easy for you to carry on your shoulder. With a magnetic flap, the maxi terry bag is very practical to accompany your activities.

Those who want to go on vacation or enjoy relaxing time at the beach, make sure this bag is by your side!

4. ZARA Natural Tote Bag with tortoiseshell strips

normal tote bag price

Zara also offers a unique product of handbags! For those of you who love collecting bags with an anti-mainstream look, it’s unfortunate that they missed out on this one option.

This natural bag with nuances has a tortoiseshell strap, you know. The exterior is woven like that which gives a deeper natural impression.

Color accents at the bottom make this bag look one of a kind. Pair it with beach, boho or shabby outfits to complete your style.

5. Lacoste

2019 Branded Bags Prices

Lacoste also offers branded bags that you can definitely count on to boost your confidence level.

This shopping bag comes in a completely contrasting colour, i.e. a combination of navy blue on the body of the bag and a green handle.

There’s also an embossed Lacoste logo big enough to look even cooler. You can use the three pockets inside as well as the main compartment with a zip closure.

Just to rest, this bag could be the right choice.

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6. Pierre Cardin top handle bag

Branded genuine leather bag price

Are you a fan of leather bags? This Pierre Cardin item is a must have in your collection wardrobe.

This brown embellished handbag uses genuine leather material to make your look more elegant. For those of you who enjoy a feminine and elegant personality, this bag can be counted on.

There is a main compartment with a zipper and one pocket to store your essentials. This bag can be carried and can also be hung, you know!

7. Gucci Brown Hemp Shoulder Bag

2019 branded bags

Looks great with a Gucci bag!

For those of you who love to collect branded bags, the Gucci Brown Canvas Shoulder Bag is worth adding to your wishlist.

Coming in beige, this bag looks so natural that it goes perfectly with different fashion styles. Made of canvas material, this bag is very convenient to carry anywhere. There is one zippered compartment ready to secure your belongings.

8. Pierre Cardin Regular Tote Bag

Branded women's bag price

Another one from Pierre Cardin, you can also choose this beautiful bag.

This casual bag has a fairly simple design in a medium size to carry your different needs.

Made of genuine leather, you also get a removable pouch. One main compartment with magnets makes this bag very practical to carry anywhere.

What is interesting, there is a tool shell to secure your favorite mobile phone.

9. Christian Dior Dark Brown Trot Rom My Flap . Handbag

Latest branded bag price

One of the brands familiar to fans of branded bags is Christian Dior.

For those of you looking for a bag from this brand, Christian Dior’s Dark Brown Trot Rom My Flap Handbag is here to complete your ensemble.

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This Dior bag with a distinctive design is decorated with a ribbon that makes it look even more beautiful. A belt handle and grommet detailing add a unique touch to this brown bag.

There is one main compartment spacious enough to hold your belongings.

10. Prada Patina Sling Bag

Brand Bag Recommendations

Who does not know Prada?

It is known that one of the world famous brands is able to be a sign of one’s social standing.

For those of you looking for a sling bag from Prada, this recommendation is worth considering. This leather belt has a simple design and a convenient size for hanging.

The chain handle with leather makes you comfortable when you use it. There is also a magnetic cover which is very practical to use.

Best price for branded bags

This Prada bag could be a source of pride for you too.

This black bag looks simple but the classy impression cannot be removed from it. There is a silver stone metal piece that gives a unique accent on the outside, along with a handle with stud detailing.

What is your favorite bag? Choose a proud brand bag at a price that fits your wallet, yes!