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Nomessin – Many big brands like Zara, Cardinal, and Fossil offer different types of men’s wallets that can boost your confidence.

Made of leather, your masculine side will surely shine through.

What are the products? Here are 11 of the best men’s wallet references that you’re unfortunate to miss.

1. Berrybenka Men Wood Vein . Wallet

men wallet price

Berrybenka offers a uniquely designed wallet product for men.

This wallet, called Wood Vein Wallet, adopts a simple but attractive wood vein pattern, along with a gray base color.

This wallet gives a modern feel with a foldable model that makes it practical for everyday use. You can easily put it in your pocket because the dimensions of this wallet are only 9 x 11 cm.

With this size, you can have several compartments for different banknotes and cards.

2. Cardinal casual cotton wallet

Cardinal men's wallet price

Cardinal is also one of the well-known brands that you can choose for a quality men’s wallet.

Cardinal Casual Cotton Wallet uses traditional leather materials but still has quality.

With its dark brown color with contrast stitching accents, this men’s wallet can be your best choice.

Depending on the folding model, this wallet is very practical and easy to fit in a pocket.

Inside, there are several compartments that you can use to store cash and cards.

3. Men’s Cardinal Cotton Wallet

Men's wallet prices 2019

Who says men’s wallets are always synonymous with foldable models?

You can also use a long wallet to store important money and cards. This Cardinal long wallet is in a simple design with a combination of black and brown.

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Made of faux leather, this wallet can be the right choice for someone who wants to look stylish but on a budget.

The wallet has 13 compartments for cards and two main compartments for cash.

Can you imagine how practical this wallet is?

4. ZARA Basic Black Leather Wallet

zara men's wallet price

Trust your money in the Basic Black Leather Wallet from Zara!

This men’s wallet features a simple design with a dominant black color.

Made of leather, this basic wallet can be the right choice for those of you who don’t want to show your masculine side.

Inside, you can find a cash compartment and 8 card slots.

Interestingly, this wallet is also equipped with two pockets for storing documents. Measuring 9 x 11 cm, this foldable wallet from Zara is very practical to take anywhere.

5. ZARA Color Contrast Wallet

Best price men's wallet

This Zara wallet still has a simple design on the outside, but it looks very contrasting on the inside.

On the outside, this Zara wallet is predominantly black with simple accents. Inside, you can find an orange color that contrasts with the black color combination.

This wallet is equipped with two pairs of buttons to ensure that the wallet is always secure.

Inside, you can use three card slots and one pocket for storing coins.

6. ZARA Two-Tone Smart Wallet

Fashionable men's wallet price

For those of you who want to look egdy, this wallet from Zara is a must. Designed with an embossed surface, this wallet looks elegant and modern.

Besides the dark blue color, it definitely makes you look masculine. This wallet has 2 bill compartments as well as 6 card slots.

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There is also a coin pocket hidden behind the main compartment. This foldable wallet looks simple but is suitable for men who have a cool and fashionable personality.

7. Byford Wallet-1

Brown men's wallet price

Adult men should consider this product from Byford.

The Byford Wallet-1 comes in a plaid fabric that makes a mature impression.

Made of genuine leather, you can choose this elegant wallet.

There is one photo slot that you can use to store the photos of your loved ones.

There are also 2 banknote pockets and 3 card slots. With just the right size in your pocket, we guarantee that you won’t forget to take it with you wherever you go.

8. Hush Puppies Feigei Long WLT 712

Long men's wallet price

Hush Puppies presents an attractive portfolio for anyone with a metroscopic personality.

This classic long wallet features an embossed logo detail on it. The leather materials used add more elegant impression to this wallet.

In a dark brown color, this wallet is definitely suitable to complement your fashion style.

Inside, you can find 3 cash compartments with several card slots.

Of course, you can count on this wallet for locker storage while traveling.

9. Jack Nicklaus Long Wallet 17183 Coffee

Genuine leather men's wallet price

You can also find long wallet products from Jack Nicklaus brand.

This coffee colored wallet is very uniquely designed, featuring a stripe detail in the center.

The brand logo on the corner of the wallet adds to the value of this tall wallet. Made of genuine leather, you are more confident when using it.

Inside, this wallet is equipped with a cash compartment and several card slots, which makes it very practical.

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10. Ingram Fossil Slider 2 in 1

Fossil men's wallet price

For fans of the Fossil brand, the Ingram Sliding 2in1 wallet from Fossil can be the right reference to consider.

This simple design wallet can be counted on to accompany you anywhere.

Genuine black leather makes a statement with elegant elegance. The textured surface adds its own touch to this Fossil wallet.

what are you waiting for?

Set a budget to bring this Fossil wallet home!

11. Fossil Ball Pocket Bifold

Latest men's wallet price

The Fossil Paul Pocket Bifold is the right answer to your desire for a simple, high-quality wallet.

This leather wallet features an attractive yet masculine navy color to accompany your activities.

This foldable wallet is very practical to fit in a pocket, yet roomy enough to accommodate your closet.

Several card slots are also available in this wallet.

To perfect your style, be sure to choose the Fossil Paul Pocket Bifold Wallet.

Whatever your style, these 11 men’s wallet references are definitely suitable to accompany your activities.

Choose a wallet that matches your personality and get ready to look more confident!