11 Best Rose Products In Different Categories

Nomessin – Over the past decade, Warda brand has been present in the community and offers a variety of quality products at affordable prices.

As halal-branded cosmetics, Warda seems to be a breath of fresh air for Indonesian women who want to look beautiful without spending a lot of money.

For those of you who are interested in the Warda brand and want to try one of its products.

Let’s see reviews of the best rose products in the following different categories. You can select the product that suits you.

1. Rose Sunscreen Gel SPF 30

PA Rose Sunscreen
Image source: shopee.co.id / itsbeautyland

Leave the skin protection issue in the sun for Wardah Sun Care Suncreen Gel SPF 30.

This sunscreen product is able to protect the skin from the dangers of sun exposure, you know. As a result, your skin remains beautiful, healthy and naturally radiant. This sunscreen has SPF 30 with PA +++ as a UVA and UVB filter.

Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, it’s no wonder this product is your skin’s best friend. the price?

You don’t have to worry because the rose sunscreen is very affordable for the pocket.

2. Lip Gloss – Wonder Creamy Brown

Rose wonders lip gloss
Image source: sociolla.com

From the category of lip glosses, you can choose a rose of Wondershine in a creamy brown color.

This lipstick comes in a light brown color so it is perfect for everyday use.

Don’t be afraid to look at the lips because this lip gloss is still under control.

The soft texture and the lightweight formula on the lips make you feel comfortable wearing it.

If you have black lips, the creamy brown Wondershine is very dependable, you know!

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3. Face oil – olive oil

best face oil 1
Image source: tokopedia.com / miraclegarage

For those of you who want to provide extra care for the beauty of the skin, this olive oil product from Rose can be a recommendation worth considering.

You can use it as a face oil to get soft, smooth and supple skin.

For owners of dry skin types, this face oil is ideal for providing extra hydration. The pure olive oil content can also be used to overcome the problem of eye bags and dry lips.

For pregnant women, olive oil is able to reduce wrinkles in the stomach, as you know.

4. Eyeliner – Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner from Stylus

rose eyeliner
Image source: shopee.co.id / arsiy

In the eyeliner category, the best product you can choose is Stylust Rose Liquid Eyeliner.

This type of liquid eyeliner has a very dark black pigment, perfect for creating dramatic eye makeup.

With a tapered but soft applicator tip, this product is easy to use. The waterproof formula and long-wearing durability make Rose Liquid Eyeliner trusted to perfect your makeup.

Don’t worry about smudging because the eyeliner dries quickly, okay?

5. Micellar Water – Purifying Micellar Seaweed Water

Micellar water rose

Rose offers not only cosmetics, but also a versatile makeup cleanser.

Micellar Seaweed Cleansing Water is a cleansing product made with natural and halal ingredients to facilitate the process of removing makeup from your face. With just one swipe, the face becomes clean and feels fresh.

Interestingly enough, this micellar water does not leave a greasy and sticky feeling on the skin.

With the seaweed extract content, this cleanser is also able to provide benefits to your facial skin.

6. Lip Cream – Exclusive Matte Lip Cream

Rose lip cream

Get bright red lips with Warda’s exclusive matte lip cream products.

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This category is already a mainstay for many women because Warda offers lip cream products with a soft texture and a beautiful matte finish. There are many attractive color variants for a fresh look.

Equipped with a soft applicator stick, this lip cream is very practical and easy to use.

If you often suffer from dry lips, don’t forget to use a lip balm before applying this lip cream!

7. Perfume – EDT Eternal

rose perfume

The best rose product in the perfume category falls on Eternal eau de toilette.

Perfume that comes in a thick bottle has a soft scent. The combination of seaweed and various natural ingredients produces an alluring but not overpowering scent.

If you interact with a lot of people, Eternal EDT can boost your confidence.

Paired with a long-wearing scent, you won’t need to apply frequently.

8. Eye Expert Volume Expert Mascara

The most beautiful rose mascara
Image source: sociolla.com

Mascara is an indispensable product for perfecting eye make-up.

From this category is Wardah EyeXpert Volume Expert with new innovations capable of giving an amazing finish to your eye make-up. A rose mascara that gives the impression of volume and length to the eyelashes.

With an intense black pigment and a non-clumping formula, EyeXpert Volume Expert Mascara is the most reliable for long-wearing makeup.

Enriched with Argan Oil and Vitamin Matriquin Complex, you don’t have to worry about your eyelashes falling out easily.

9. Eyebrow Pencil – Instaperfect GeniusTwist Matic Contour Brow-Brushed

Rose eyebrow pencil
Image source: sociolla.com

From the set of eyebrow pencils, you can choose the Instaperfect Genius Twist Contour Brow-Brushed.

This eyebrow pencil is retractable. With the flat tip, you can create precise brow framing for the best results ever.

The smooth texture does not make the skin feel sore when applied.

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Coming in two different shades of taupe and brown, you can get perfect eyebrows that look natural.

10. Concealer – InstaPerfect Fast Fix Concealer

Best Rose Concealer
Image source: sociolla.com

Concealer is often used to produce flawless makeup. This is a new product from Warda, the Instaperfect Quick Fix Cover Correct Concealer that can correct mistakes when applying makeup.

In addition, this concealer product is also capable of concealing dark spots or eye circles so that you can achieve flawless makeup.

The Rose Concealer comes with a soft texture and high coverage to hide pimples on the face. Combined with a lightweight formula, this could be your go-to concealer!

11. Eye Shadow – InstaPerfect Spot Light Eyeshadow Palette

Best rose eyeshadow
Image source: shopee.co.id / tokowardah_id

From the eye shadow line, Instaprivate Spotlight Chromatic Rose Eye Palette is the best recommended product for you.

Palette package contains 10 different shades in natural to bold shades.

For those of you who love to change up styles, this eyeshadow product is too good to miss!

Are you ready to look beautiful and charming with the best rose products in the different categories above? Let’s get it right away!