Best and cheapest web hosting in Indonesia

Nomessin – A study conducted by Facebook shows that consumers in the digital sector in Indonesia are experiencing rapid progress and growth.

This growth turns out to be very significant when comparing 2017 with its population of 64 million, 34% of the total population saw an increase in 2018 as the number of digitally literate reached 102 million or 53%.

Indonesia itself is also contributing to the growth of online shopping in Southeast Asia which is expected to continue rising and rising at least until 2025.

Facebook Indonesia said through its marketing representative that its 2018 study included 12,965 participants in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as interviews with 30 CEOs and investors based in those countries.

This progress certainly cannot be separated from the growth of businesses and companies that use website media as their main selling tool, especially for companies intending to experience the international market.

The website used by the company must of course meet many good criteria, such as; Stable web hosting, user-friendly design, and more, if you want to reach broad market buyers.

Every business should have a name and brand with a logo that can invite potential buyers. Likewise, if you want to sell online, you need a domain in your business name.

The domain must also have web hosting because these two things are inseparable and mutually supportive. When creating a website, you have to choose a new domain and then choose hosting as the supporting platform and the domain is your business address.

Why choose IDCloudhost for your website solution?

Why choose IDCloudhost

Currently, there are many domain and hosting offers that you can easily get, both free and paid.

You can choose to use a free domain and hosting but it has limitations. Or a paid method that allows you to explore greater possibilities and expand your network at scale.

Before you decide to choose, it’s a good idea to select a hosting package that fits your needs so that you don’t incur untargeted costs.

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Among the many overseas service providers, one of the service providers indonesian web hosting What you can try is IDCloudHost. As one of the legacy hosting operators, IDCloudHost offers many advantages and shares the history of building the rise of digitization in Indonesia.

With five years of experience, IDCLoudHost has managed to position itself in the fifth ranks Best web hosting in this country.

PT Cloud Hosting Indonesia (IDCloudHost) itself is a cloud-based web hosting provider that has a fairly full service offering such as domain registration, cloud hosting, servers (VPS and dedicated servers), reseller domain and hosting, among many other services.

IDCloudHost Products, Services, and Features

1. Web Hosting

IDCloudHost Advantages

Powered by Solid State Drive (SSD) technology, IDCloudHost which uses cloud hosting technology is able to provide high performance with easy, fast, functional and efficient configuration processes for cPanel hosting domain users.

Always up-to-date and comprehensive, IDCloudHost offers secured data storage with Cloud Power technology that has the right RAM and core CPU resources to suit your needs.

Get bigger specs on RAM, storage, CPU, bandwidth etc, but the prices they offer are very diverse and affordable. Security and quality are also their top priority with five international data centers in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and the UK able to accommodate all users without restrictions.

Their Cloud Hosting Server technology is also able to make users connect to multiple servers and enable access to websites more quickly and securely. Focusing on the difference between shared hosting and cloud hosting technology is when a server is down, but that won’t interfere with users’ access to their websites and apps.

Features that build and help users, such as the one-click feature that allows you to install WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, Prestashop, Moodle, Magento and more than 280 other web scripts you can now install with just one click using the Softculous feature.

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All these features are included in the full package like File Manager, Email, Softaculous, Auto Responder, Auto Backup, SEO tools and many more. The purpose of this feature set is to make it easy to manage your website needs in one complete cPanel control panel which will be provided free of charge.

Another equally important facility is the ability to backup data. This extra storage outside of the regular storage (listed on the website) is capable of storing regular backups four times a week thanks to JetBackup Premium available directly on the IDCloudHost hosting system.

So users no longer need to worry about disruptions to their website, because IDCoudHost will always keep providing services with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% for your website and apps.

If you are interested in using IDcloudhost cloud hosting services, see the page:

2. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Server

Sticking to guaranteed performance and multifunctional technology that can be installed on all operating systems, IDCloudHost offers an affordable, flexible and customizable VPS according to user needs.

VPS Pro Indonesia is powered by technology HPE Nimbel Adaptive Flash Storage Devices The latest version has 100 times faster access times with faster I/O speeds as compared to an SSD VPS. The application of this state-of-the-art technology is also able to reduce the failure rate to a low point and increase the guaranteed uptime of up to 99.99%.

Using a VPS will be very suitable for those who have websites or applications with high traffic and other needs. Having support for different operating systems makes it able to provide high performance.

So IDCloudHost also provides services not managed So you can get a cheap and affordable VPS package according to your needs.

Here are the VPS features that you can get from IDCloudHost:

  • Flexible root access
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Uncharacteristic Scale Bandwidth
  • Enterprise level server
  • Virtual Service Manager
  • Scaling and resizing
  • Suppose KVM
  • Linux operating systems and multiple IP addresses
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3. Dedicated Servers (DS)

Select servers

Unlike hosting and VPS servers that are more in line with a company’s needs, Dedicated Server Indonesia is an infrastructure used to cater to high-volume, fast and quantitative access needs such as e-commerce.

DS will be better able to facilitate websites or applications with a large amount of traffic because e-commerce requires resources, fast performance, great quality and results but also secure at the same time.

Using the best server specifications, IDCloudHost provides flexibility for users to access their servers. It will be a top priority with the help of customer service who can be contacted at any time.

IDCloudHost’s experienced technicians will always ensure and ensure the best possible periodic server maintenance. Security of your data and seamless access to your information is also a priority because IDCLoudHost has experience providing dedicated server services to hundreds of their clients.

IDcloudHost’s VPS and Dedicated Servers both have the same features and suit your needs. For VPS server, you can order through the page Dedicated server services can be requested through

It is trusted by more than 60,000 customers and big companies in Indonesia

Always sticking with trust, convenience and quality, IDCloudHost Indonesia has successfully established itself as one of the largest web hosting providers in Indonesia, but has also reached a global scale with five of their servers located in five different countries.

IDCLoudHost’s hard work and consistency has helped several companies advance their national app and web digitization efforts such as the following:

  • Indonesian Communications
  • East Kalimantan fertilizer
  • Ministry of Industry RI
  • pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Telecom University
  • holding hands
  • Sokovindo
  • Baznas (National Agency for Workers’ Zakat)
  • It
  • kartika sari
  • Mandiri Capital
  • straography