6 Top Recommendations for Rose Perfume, an Impressive Fragrance

Nomessin – Warda as a halal cosmetic brand offers Warda perfume products that you should try!

There are many types of perfume that you can get from this brand, you know.

Let’s see a brief review of some EDT perfumes and body sprays from Warda so that you can make the right choice according to your personality!

1. Rose Perfumed Body Perfume

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Warda offers a body spray suitable for giving a fresh fragrance every day. This new product has a new safe formula because it is alcohol free. The natural scent makes this perfume suitable for everyday use.

Without dye, this scented body spray won’t leave stains on your clothes or skin.

In terms of price, this perfume is very affordable, so it could be the right choice for those on a tight budget.

However, you can still get a refreshing sensation from this body spray product. Coming in a practical package, this perfume faithfully accompanies your activities anywhere.

Four options are available Which you can modify according to your personality, you know.

a variable bliss It has a soft floral and musky scent, so it is suitable for you, elegant and feminine.

As for those of you who are jubilant, Variety joyful It can express your personality.

There are also variables Emotion For those with energy, it offers a refreshing orange and peach scent.

Finally, there are also variables security Which you can count on to boost your confidence all day long with a soothing scent.


This body mist is priced very reasonably, and it is suitable for teens and women who want to look stylish on a medium budget. In addition, the completely diverse variants allow you to express your style as you wish.


For long-term use, this body spray may not be reliable.

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The fragrance only lasts for a few hours, so you have to re-spray to stay confident.

2. Eternal Rose Eau de Toilette

rose perfume
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Not only a body mist, Warda also offers an EDT (Eau de Toilette) type perfume. One type of EDT that you can get is Wardah Eternal Eau de Toilette.

Coming in a thick and transparent bottle, this green perfume looks very attractive and is practical to carry anywhere.

The soft fragrance is the result of a mixture of seaweed with many natural plants that have an enchanting scent.

If you have a vigorous activity throughout the day, then this perfume can be counted on to maintain your mood and increase self-confidence without the need for frequent use of perfumes.


The EDT type of Eternal perfume is recommended for those who like fragrances with soft scents. The long lasting fragrance is also an advantage that this perfume offers.

In addition, the practical packaging of the bottle makes it easy for you to take it anywhere. You don’t have to be afraid of spillage because the packaging is completely safe.


Since the packaging is made of glass bottles, this perfume is prone to breakage, especially if you put it on carelessly. If you want to use this perfume, make sure you don’t drop it, okay?

3. Warda Flame Eau de Toilette

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Flame is the EDT variant of the perfume line introduced by Warda. This perfume has an orange cardboard packaging with an orange fragrance as well.

At first glance, you can get an elegant impression from this perfume, although the price is very pocket friendly.

The combination of vanilla and musk is the key to the scent of this perfume. With just one spray, you can feel the alluring scent.

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For those of you who like to put perfume on your hands, do not worry as this perfume does not cause a sticky feeling.


Flame is an EDT fragrance that is durable and long lasting. With the soft fragrance, you can appear more confident in elegant clothes.


The smell of vanilla sometimes feels bad if you use it for a long time. For those who do not like the smell, this perfume may not be the right choice for you.

4. Warda Innocence Eau de Toilette

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This green alternative from EDT is here for those with a feminine personality.

Still in a clear glass bottle with a fresh green fragrance, this perfume offers an alluring floral scent. Just one spray makes the fragrance of the perfume can be smelled throughout the room.

For those of you who want to look attractive in front of your partner, this perfume can be the right choice. The combination of a floral fragrance with a slightly sweet scent makes Innocence EDT bring out your feminine side.

This fragrance is claimed to last for up to 5 hours, but the time also depends on how much you use and what activities you do.


Innocence Eau de Toilette can be counted on to provide a seductive body fragrance.

For those of you who want to grab the attention of your partner, do not hesitate to opt for this fragrance.


The pungent floral scent is not suitable for those who want a soft fragrance. In addition, the durability is also not long enough for daily use.

5. Warda Shine Eau de Toilette

Rose Perfume Recommendation
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Purple fans should not miss this aromatic product. Shine EDT from Rose comes in an exclusive looking purple packaging.

As an Eau de Toilette, Shine offers a unique fragrance to boost your confidence.

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This perfume has a refreshing fruity scent so it is suitable for those who have a fun personality.

Boost your confidence with a fresh scent all day long. A long-lasting scent makes this perfume a go-to for activities.


The fresh, fruity fragrance can be counted on if you want to attract attention. In addition, the scent provided also lasts even if you are outside the room.


At first, this fragrance stings a little. This can be very annoying if you are a fan of perfumes with a soft scent.

6. Warda Sparks Eau de Toilette

Rose Perfume Recommendation 1
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Another one from a rose, Sparks EDT can be your best friend for looking confident in yourself.

In a bright green packaging, this perfume offers a very pungent aroma.

You can feel the fresh citrus scent in just one sip. This fragrance is ready to accompany your daily activities.

For those with a lively heart at heart, this perfume could be the right choice.

Although the scent is strong on the first spray, the fragrance will get softer with time.


The dynamic fragrance is very reliable for those of you who want to be the center of attention. The durability is long enough to make it practical to wear all day long.


The pungent smell of citrus can make you feel uncomfortable. But over time you will get a softer scent.

Among the different types of Warda perfume above, which one do you prefer?

Get it right away and feel the scent!