10 Accurate and Safe Alternative Search Engines Other Than Google

Nomessin – Some may have wondered, is there an alternative search engine other than Google on the Internet with accurate and secure search results?

The answer is! However, of course the accuracy of the search results Search Engine Others are still highly debated. The reason is that until now Google still dominates the search engine market and this is certainly not without reason.

Google is so popular as a search engine, that there is a term “search in google”, which is the activity of performing a search on the Internet using the Google search engine.

Before we get into the discussion about alternative search engines other than Google, it helps us to know what is a search engine?

What is a search engine?

Many people think that search engines (Search Engine) is the Internet. But that’s not really the case.

Search Engine (Search EngineIt is a computer program or machine designed in a way that makes it easy for Internet users to search for different files stored in the www service.World wide web), ftp, mailing list publications, and newsgroups on a server computer on a network – Wikipedia.

Search engines work by indexing catalogs of content available on the web. That is, the information displayed on search engines is only a part of what is on the Internet.

Search engines work with robots and algorithms to scan content on the web and determine its quality and relevance to keywords entered by users.

This process consists of three components:

  1. spidersA robot that crawls the web and follows hyperlinks to discover new content.
  2. index: When bots find new content, they look for relevance using things like keywords and page performance to determine if the content is considered authoritative by people using search engines.
  3. search interface: This is the main page of the search engine. Its task is to read the queries written by users, find the most relevant information, and display it on the pages of the search engine website.

Search engines other than Google

In fact, there are plenty of search engine options other than Google that can be used. However, in this article I mention some of the best and most popular search engine alternatives on the Internet.

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1. Bing.com

Search engines other than Google

Bing is not as popular as Google, but this search engine is totally worth considering if you want to find alternative search results on the Internet. With Bing, you can search for different forms of information, such as text, images, videos, and news, simply by typing in certain keywords.

According to data from statcounter.com, Bing holds 2.45% of the global search engine market share. With an elegant interface, Bing can display content search results in a visually appealing, aesthetically pleasing and diverse way.

In addition, Bing also has features Bing place for business Which can be used as an alternative to promote your business.

2. Yahoo.com

Search engines other than Google

At its height, Yahoo! It is one of Google’s competitors and one of the most used search engines.

In addition to the search engine features, Yahoo! It also offers many other features such as email and content aggregators (news about finance, lifestyle, technology, etc.).

Currently, Yahoo! It has partnered with Bing and Microsoft to build a search engine that can deliver more relevant search results.

3. Ask.com

Search engines other than Google

Ask.com was formerly a search engine website, and formerly a question-and-answer platform. Along with its growth, Ask.com is now one of the most used search engines.

Like search engines in general, Ask.com works by displaying relevant search results based on certain keywords.

The search engine displays two types of search results that users can choose from, which are answers (web content) and videos.

4. Duckduckgo.com

Alternative search engine

Duckduckgo is an alternative search engine other than Google that is worth considering. This search engine values ​​privacy and does not collect any data from its users.

Duckduckgo states that it does not store cookies, search for traces of its users, and does not sell data to advertisers.

On this internet search engine website also it does not see ads and it disables ad tracking bots automatically. In this way, the personal data of its users will be kept safe.

5. Yandex.com

Internet search engine

This search engine comes from Russia and was launched in 1997. According to the founder of Yandex, the main goal of developing this search engine is to help businesses and consumers manage a better world both online and offline.

Just like search engines in general, Yandex collects and stores data of its users, keywords, and search history of its users.

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According to Yandex, this is only done to provide more relevant search results and it has been approved by its users.

Apart from Russia, Yandex is also commonly used in many other countries, such as; Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey and Kazakhstan. However, of course Google still has a large market share in these countries.

6. Search.Aol.com

Alternative search engine

AOL (America Online) is an American multinational media company headquartered in New York City. This company is engaged in the distribution of content, products and services as well as search engines.

AOL search engine is fully powered by Bing.com. With AOL Search, users can search and access websites, images, multimedia, news, shopping, and local search results.

7. Naver.com

Internet search engine

Naver is an internet search engine developed by South Korea. Although some South Koreans use Google, most Internet users there prefer Naver when searching for information on the Internet.

In addition to offering search engine features, Naver has also developed several important features for the benefit of its users, such as; Free email, news, blogs and other features.

This search engine is not popular worldwide. However, Naver in its home country has a very large user base and controls most of the market share of the search engine industry.

8. Baidu.com

Search engines other than Google

Baidu is a Chinese web services company headquartered in Haidian District, Beijing, China. The company offers a variety of facilities, including a search engine for websites, audio files, images, and Chinese characters.

According to some information on the Internet, Baidu search engine has gained more than 80% market share in China. This is a very large number considering that China’s current population is over a billion people.

However, this search engine has a weak point, which is the use of the Chinese language. Therefore, until now Baidu can only be used by those who understand Chinese.

9. Dogpile.com

search engine website

Dogpile is a search engine that aggregates from several other search engines, such as; Google, Yandex, Yahoo! And more.

The interface of Dogpile looks a bit outdated and outdated, but this search engine is claimed to be able to display more and more accurate search results than other search engines.

Dogpile also has a suggestion feature that is very useful for its users. Good performance, great features, and outdated visuals make this search engine a worthy alternative for doing Internet searches.

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10. Startpage.com

Search engines other than Google

Startpage is a search engine based on the Google search feature. However, unlike Google, which stores user data in a file big dataStartpage guarantees the privacy of its users and does not take the data provided in their search engine.

Startpage states that they pay to use the Google search system legally. As a result, this search engine is able to provide complete and relevant search results.

Not quite there, Startpage has also removed the tracking feature from their search engine so that no personal information of its users is stored. This way, the search results displayed will be more neutral and users will not have to worry about their personal information being taken and used.

search engine market share

According to the site statcounter.comTo date, Google still dominates the global search engine market share, which is 92%.

Resources: Global Stats StatCounter – Search Engine Market Share

However, even though Google dominates the market share of the Internet search engine industry, it turns out that there is still a lot of search activity being done using other search engines.


When we talk about the world of search engines, one thing is clear; Google is king (and so are queens, princes, princesses, prime ministers and everything in between) heh.

Google earned a lot market share The search engine industry, while its rival search engines have no choice but to try to catch the remaining “crumbs”.

This is a brief discussion of some of the alternative search engines other than Google that you can use. Of course, the above search engines have their advantages and disadvantages. You can choose a search engine that suits your needs in conducting Internet searches.

I want to know your opinion, which search engine is likely to compete with Google. Write your opinion in the comments column.