11 of the best women’s perfume brands that smell long lasting

Nomessin – Look pretty with dazzling makeup and the current style of the dress is unfinished if your body odor is unpleasant.

You definitely don’t want your partner to shun you for bad body odor, do you?

Women’s perfume can be the perfect solution for an overall perfect look.

Confused about finding a fragrance product that suits your personality?

Come, look at the recommendations of perfumes from different brands at prices that vary greatly from tens of thousands to millions of rupees. Of course you can adjust it on your pocket. Check now!

1. Botanical minerals

women's perfume price
Image source: sociolla.com

Who says that enchanting scents are always sold at exorbitant prices?

Mineral Botanica is the solution for those who want to captivate your partner with a fresh scent.

Priced in the tens of thousands of this perfume is very affordable, but it is able to provide a long lasting fragrance so it is suitable for everyday use.

With just one spray, you can feel the soft floral scent with the scent of fresh fruit.

Thanks to the practical packaging, this perfume is easy to carry anywhere!

2. Eternal Rose EDT

Rose Perfume Recommendation 1
Image source: sociolla.com

Warda also offers perfume products suitable for Indonesian women.

Eternal Rose Eau de Parfum has a classic scent, giving a romantic feel to those of you who want to enjoy precious moments with your partner.

This perfume is also able to highlight your graceful and gentle personality, but on the other hand it makes a lively impression.

This Warda body perfume deserves to be included in the list of options due to its long lasting and charming scent at a very affordable price.

3. Jane Artes La Ronde Musk

Recommended price for women's perfume
Image source: berrybenka.com

Feel the amazing scent with La Ronde Musc by Jeanne Arthes.

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The perfume in this unique packaging provides a long-lasting scent that increases your confidence. Create an intimate and memorable moment with this perfume from Jeanne Arthes.

With just one spray, your partner is guaranteed not to be too far from you. Women’s perfume gives a romantic feel to special moments.

The most interesting thing is, you don’t need to drain your pocket to get this perfume, you know.

4. Oriflame Memories Daydreaming in a Hammock EDT

Women's perfume recommendation
Image source: id.oriflame.com

Oriflame presents the fragrance in golden flacons with a unique design that makes a sophisticated impression.

Memories Daydreaming in a Hammock is an aromatic product that gives you a unique yet soft scent inspired by the fragrance of flowers.

This perfume gives you a soothing sensation, so you can use it as an aromatherapy.

For those of you who want to look your best, do not miss this perfume from Oriflame because the scent is unique and you will definitely like it!

5. Jane Arts, Sultan of Women

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Image source: rumahperfum.com

Show off your feminine side with a soft, non-stinging fragrance.

For a stunning fragrance, you can entrust the Women of the Sultan presented by Jeanne Arthes.

This fragrance product is inspired by nature, combining raisins, peach and jasmine in an alluring fragrance.

This body fragrance is also claimed to be long lasting so you can look confident all day long!

At a relatively affordable price, this perfume should be on your wish list.

6. Yves Rocher Purple Lilac EDT

Best women's perfume
Image source: sociolla.com

Lilac flowers have a distinctive aroma.

Inspired by the scent of lilac blossoms, Yves Rocher presents Purple Lilac EDT with a fresh scent.

Along with many other natural ingredients such as rose hips, lemon and bergamot, this body perfume is able to provide a charming and long-lasting scent.

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You also don’t have to worry about its safety.

Claimed to be free of parabens and dyes, this fragrance is very safe and suitable for everyday use.

Believe in yourself with a perfume from Yves Rocher!

7. THE SAEM (Seventeen) Signature Perfume No. 1

Women's Perfume Recommendations 2019
Image source: ilotte.com

For those of you who prioritize product safety, this perfume by The Saem may give you a sense of calm.

This signature Mingyu fragrance is registered with BPOM so its safety is guaranteed.

This perfume also has a fresh scent, perfect for those of you who are often on the move all day and sweat a lot.

With its citrusy floral scent, you can be more confident all day long. Finally, this perfume also has the original signature of Mingyu, you know!

Don’t run out.

8. Oriflame Women’s Innocent White Lilac EDT Set

oriflame perfume price
Image source: id.oriflame.com

For those of you who want a feminine fragrance with a soft scent, Innocent White Lilac EDT by Oriflame is worth considering.

Presented in an elegant and delicate packaging, this perfume offers a soft and unobtrusive floral scent, making it suitable for everyday use.

You can also use it as an aromatherapy, you know. So, it is not wrong for this perfume to be a mainstay for women.

Brighten up your freshness with the soothing floral scent of Oriflame Innocent White Lilac.

9. L’Occitane Cherry Blossom EDT

Women's perfume prices 2019
Image source: id.loccitane.com

Feel the scent of cherry blossoms that seem to take you to a garden in the south of France.

L’Occitane presents a perfume with a soft and fresh scent, that brings out the feminine side in you.

Made with cherry extract obtained from Luberon, this perfume will give you an enchanting aroma.

Not only that, but the fragrance is enhanced with musk and amber as the base notes.

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As a result, you can get an attractive scent all day long. With just one spray, this perfume lasts for hours.

10. Kenzo Flower EDT

The latest prices of women's perfumes
Image source: berrybenka.com

For those of you who are on a low budget, Flower in the Air by Kenzo could be the right choice to have an alluring fragrance.

Coming in a unique packaging with floral nuances, this perfume has a light but refreshing scent that can boost your self-confidence.

The floral scent blends with sweet pear and pink grapefruit to leave you feeling fresh all day long.

In addition, the elegant white musk fragrance makes your feminine side more dominant.

11. Bvlgari Rose Goldea EDP

luxury womens perfume price
Image source: zalora.co.id

The best recommendations come from the undoubted Bvlgari brand.

This branded product has already become a favorite of many women as it offers a wide range of perfumes with alluring fragrances.

One of them is Bvlgari Rose Goldea which presents the scent of roses mixed with soft white musk to produce an enchanting scent.

With this perfume, don’t be surprised if your partner loves you more!

Did I make your choice?

These assorted fragrances with soft, seductive scents are ready to master your special moments!

We hope that the list of best women’s perfume prices was useful.