Canon IP2770 Error Code And How To Solve It

Nomessin – Canon Ip2770 is a printer product from Canon at a very reasonable price, which is less than 700 thousand in the market. This printer is also known to be fast in printing.

However, over time, Canon IP2770 printer shows errors which are sure to be very annoying in our work.

This time the tutorial will give you a canon ip2770 error code and how to solve it. After getting around this error code, you are also expected to be able to Take good care of your printer So you don’t get errors or printer problems.

canon ip2770 error code
First, let’s read how to take care of your Canon IP2770 printer so that it is durable and long lasting. Using a printer that you don’t care how to use will quickly damage and become unsustainable for your printer.

Examples like How to reset canon printer ip2770 error b200 And How to fix error 5b00 ip2770 And How to reset mp237, error in mp287 and so on.

How to take care of your Canon Ip2770 printer to be durable and long lasting

printer canon ip2270 requires very simple maintenance, if this is not done, it may cause printer error or damage.

No Record a large number of marathons. What this means is, in a print, try not to go straight to hundreds of sheets. For example, if you want to print 100 sheets, it is better to divide it into 4 prints. Once printed 25 sheets. This is to reduce additional printer work.

No Color prints continuously. This aims to avoid the cathedral’s collapse in a short time.

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No Never too late to refill the ink. If a pump tube is fitted to the printer, make sure the hose is always filled with ink. Do not let air in. This is so that the cartridge remains filled with ink and the printouts do not fade/fade out.

Closed The part where the paper is after printing or the printer will be left behind. The goal is to prevent dirt or other items from accidentally entering the printer.

Do Print at least one week twice so that the printer remains normal.

turn it off Print and unplug the cable when you leave for a few days to prevent a blackout.

No until the printer falls from a high place. Use a cardboard printer when going further afield. If you are already using the infusion tube, close the shut-off valves on the tube.

Avoid Place the printer near water to avoid splashes or spills.

No Touch the cartridge chip manually, as this may result in cartridge error or unreadable on your computer/laptop

If the result Printing is not normal, clean the head in the printer software. Or if the printout is not straight, please use the workaround Publications are not direct To get more

Canon Error Code IP2770

Reason, error code and how to solve canon ip2770 printer. Here are some error codes on the printer and how to solve them. In addition to the error code and how to solve it, you also have to know how to do it How to use Canon printers correctly and correctly So that your printer avoids problems or errors.

numbercode errora reasonHow to beat
1Blink 3 times in orange, and once in greenThere is dirt around the cylinder, this could also be a mechanical faultDisassemble the printer with the excess screwdriver, and see if anything goes in, the clogs are inside.

mechanical change

2Blink 4 times in orange, once in greenInkpad trash is fullReset the printer using a reset device
3Blink 5 times in orange, and once in greenA black or color cartridge is damagedCheck all cartridges by cleaning the gold chip with a dry tissue. Put it back in, if it still doesn’t work, replace the cartridge with a new one
4Blink 7 times in orange, and once in greenColor cartridge is unreadable, damaged, or deadReplace it with a new or used cartridge and it’s still normal
5Blinks 7 times orange and green alternatelyThe waste ink pad is full, and the ink absorbent is fullClean the ink drain foam by washing and drying it, then reinstall it. Next, reset the printer using the reseter
6Orange flash 8 times once greenThe ink tank is fullReset the printer using a reset software
713 times or 16 times orange flash once greenCartridge installation is not good, at the time of printing the cartridge image looks separate from the cartridge housingPress and hold the resume button below the power button for 10 seconds and then release
814 times or 15 times orange flash once greenThe black toner cartridge is damaged or the cartridge chip is deadClean the cartridge with a dry tissue and reinstall it. If you cannot replace it with a new cartridge.

while For Canon MG2500 the following error code and how to solve it

numbercode errorbecauseHow to beat
1It blinks twice and the error code is 1000 .There is no paper on the back trayLoad paper and press the reset button
2Blinks 3 times and error code 1203Reason cover is opened while printing is in progressPlease close the printer cover
3blinks 3 times and error code 1300Paper jam in the output slotTurn off the printer first, pull out the jammed paper, and then turn it back on
4Blinks 4 times and error code 1687, 1401, 1403, 1485Cartridge is not installed correctlyTurn off the printer, remove the cartridge and reinstall it properly, if it is still like this, try pressing the reset button for about 5 seconds
5Blinks 8 times and error code 1700,1701The ink suction unit is nearly fullReset using canon resetter
6Blinks 9 times and error code 11890Seat protector attached and not removedPeel off the protective tape
7Flashed 13 times and error code 1686of inkPlease refill (refill) your printer ink
8Blinks 14 times and error code 1684The cartridge cannot be readPlease press the reset button for about 5 seconds, if it fails, please replace it with a compatible cartridge for Canon MG2500

This is Canon IP2770 Error Code And How To Solve It. We hope it is useful and can be used to solve Canon IP2770 printer problems.