How to secure Zoom Video Conferencing from Zoom Bombing

Nomessin – The shift in working methods around the world has undergone a change, as it used to work in an office that now adopts a policy of work from home or work from home Work from home.

This is a form of effort to suppress and stop the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Now, most government agencies, businesses, universities, and schools are starting to use web conferencing applications.

Zoom is one of the most popular platforms for teleconferencing among professionals. Since the coronavirus pandemic, this conference app has been widely used by government agencies and companies for conducting online meetings and business.

This platform can also be used as a means of distance learning for teachers and students. However, the ease of use of the Zoom application has security issues, namely: Zoom bombing.

What is Zoom Bombing?

What is zoom bombing?

Zoom bombing is an attack in the form of outside interference that hijacks a video conference by sending pornographic images or hate speech accompanied by threats, thus stopping all ongoing social interactions online.

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“Zoom is on the rise in a world that needs online space to accommodate various routine activities, whether in government, business or education. The problem is that everything related to cyberspace has to have risks

In the case of Zoom, the Zoom Bombing threat can be a big problem for many parties, to overcome this problem requires proper settings to prevent hacking. “ – Yudhi Kukuh (IT Security Consultant PT Prosperita – ESET Indonesia)

Then how to prevent Zoom bombing?

How to prevent bombing zoom

In any case, prevention is the best way to solve problems, including the Zoom Bombing problem. According to Yudhi Kukuh, the settings are on “waiting roomOr waiting rooms on Zoom could prevent strangers from taking over.

Here are the steps to activate the waiting room feature in the Zoom app.

1. Go to Account Management > Account Settings, scroll down to the Waiting Room option, and then activate the feature.

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2. After activating the “Waiting Room” feature, select who can attend the conference remotely. For example, selecting the “All participants” option to put everyone in the waiting room by default, or “Guest participants only” to add people from different Zoom accounts.

You can also allow other conference participants to receive people from the waiting room.

3. Furthermore, a waiting room can be arranged for a specific meeting. We can schedule a meeting in advance with the scheduling meeting option.

4. To watch the next meeting, simply click on Next Meeting.

5. Next, check if the waiting room is activated for that particular meeting.

6. You can also activate the waiting room for all meetings using your personal meeting ID. This option can be done through the meeting option and then selecting the personal meeting room option.

7. Click Edit this meeting

8. Make sure the waiting room is activated by ticking, then press Save.

9. This is what the meeting participants will see while they are in the waiting room.

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10. The host can control the waiting room by selecting Manage Participants.

11. While the “more” option gives the user several options, including someone entering the waiting room.

12. After the meeting has started, potential participants can be accepted into the meeting from the queue at the bottom of Participant Management.

13. Or you can also select all participants in the waiting room to be accepted at once.

14. Moreover, by clicking on “More” in the “Video participants”, they can be sent to the waiting room during the call.

These are some easy steps you can take to prevent the “zoom bombardment” from happening which is already rampant.

Prevention is better than cure or prepare an umbrella before it rains, these two proverbs are perfect for preventing others from taking over a teleconference. We hope these Zoom security tips will be helpful for Zoom users.