How to Create a Mail Merge (in Excel and Word)

Nomessin – Do you have an event and want to make an invitation letter? It’s very annoying if you have to handwriting The name and address of the recipient. It’s a different story if you know how to do mail merge in MS Office, your work will be faster.

This feature is very useful for sending emails to many people, with custom names and texts for each recipient.

There are two ways to create a mail merge. The first way is to make it directly in Word With “manual” data entry, the second method is Passing data from Excel So that it is more effective for thieves who have a lot of data.

This time we’ll discuss both, starting with using data from Excel.

Create a mail merge with data from Excel

This method can be divided into two main components: Create data in Excel And Import data into Word. Here are the steps:

  1. Create an Excel document, something like the one below, and then save it as an Excel file. source, data, mail, merge, excel
  2. Open Word, create a new document, select Mailing > Start mail merge > Email messages (or letters If you don’t want to send it as an email) Start email for mail merge
  3. Choose Select recipients > Use an existing list, then select the Excel file previously
  4. click OK
  5. Start typing, and when you want to enter a variable like Noun, Choose Enter the merge field > Noun > Insertion Enter the merge field
  6. When you’re done typing, tap Preview results And click on the direction button next to it to see the final result. Mail merge preview
  7. To save the document, select Finish and Merge > Document printing > OK > select Microsoft Print to PDF > OK > Save the file.
  8. To send an email, tap Finish and Merge > Send emails > Write the subject of the email > OK > You will be taken to MS Outlook
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Been completed. Here is a method that we do not recommend because it is impractical for large amounts of data (hundreds of thousands), but it is still effective for small data,

Create a mail merge in Microsoft Word

For this second method, we will do it directly in Microsoft Word. You can use this method for versions 2007 and above.

  1. to main document First, as in the example below. dear
  2. The next step is to create a mail merge using Mail Merge Wizard. All you have to do is enter the menu Mailings > Start Mail Merge > Mail Merge Step by Step Wizard. Step by step mail merge wizard
  3. mail merge list It will appear on the right side of Microsoft Word. First you have to select the document type. In this example we will use the document type letters, when you click Next at the bottom of the wizard. letters
  4. In the next wizard window select Use the current document, then press next one. Use the current document
  5. In the next wizard window select Write a new list, then press Creates. Write a new list
  6. A new dialog box will appear, in this section you will fill in data such as the name and address that you will use in the letter later. You can use the default fields that are already available, or you can also customize them in a file Customize columns. Customize columns
  7. In the net Customize columns You can delete, add or rename all Field names There to fit your needs. Field names
  8. Once everything is deleted, you can create a new one with a customizable name. Or if you don’t want to bother deleting and creating a new one, rename it from Field names Existing ones and delete those you don’t use. click next OK and then OK repeatedly. area of ​​place
  9. If your steps are correct, there should be a new column tailored to your needs. To enter new data, tap new entry. If you want to delete the existing data, click Yes Delete entries. To save, just tap OK. Delete entries
  10. After all the data is stored, you can decide which data to use. If you have, click OK to complete. Data mail merge Niko Rahmadi
  11. Put the previously generated data where we want it, the trick is to move the cursor to the empty part below dear, then press Correspondence > Write and Insert > Merge Fields, Then select a name. Do the same for the place. If your steps are correct, it will look like this: compact field
  12. If you want to see the results one by one, you can click preview calendar. The results will be displayed one by one. Preview result
  13. After everything is correct, you can save the document to a new document (Edit individual documents) or print the document directly (Document printing). Edit individual documents
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So now you understand how to make an easy mail merge? This way you can save a lot of time in repetitive work.

If you already have a data source from an Excel file, you can use the first method. But if you make everything from scratch, you can use the first method. Good luck and God bless you!