How to save WhatsApp status so you can watch it later

nomessin – Status is a feature of WhatsApp that allows users to share fun moments in a short time. You can say that the case is similar to Instagram Stories Or Facebook where you can share photos, photos or short videos that will disappear in 24 hours.

Status also has its own tab on the WhatsApp page, which makes it easy for other WhatsApp users to access and view it. Well, sometimes some of you definitely want to save other people’s WhatsApp status on your mobile storage because it looks fun.

By default there is no menu or button to save WhatsApp status. But you can try some of the methods below to be able to save it on your mobile phone.

How to save WhatsApp status

Using the file manager

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on the mobile phone
  2. On the WhatsApp homepage, select the tab condition On the top
  3. We see condition One by one which will store the photo or video on the mobile phone
  4. Open the app files manager The default of the mobile phone
  5. Choose a menu Settings
  6. Choose Show hidden files
  7. Go to the home page files manager and use the menu Search To find the folder cases
  8. After opening the folder .condition, You can see the WhatsApp status you saw earlier
  9. Then you are free to view, edit or share your WhatsApp status
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WhatsApp Status Save File Manager

Even if it’s a picture or a video WhatsApp status It is saved directly on the device, but by default the storage folder is hidden so you need to change the settings from the file manager first to make it visible

For record, folder cases It is located in the WhatsApp folder. However, the directory of the folder is quite long so you should take advantage of the search feature by entering the keyword .Statuses to speed up access.

In addition to that, you can also use another practical way to view the WhatsApp status that has been saved on your mobile by using an app called Save Status.

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This application also accesses the .Statuses folder on the mobile phone. But the difference is that you don’t need to activate the Display Hidden Files feature in the File Manager app first.

Save with Save Status app

  1. Download and install the app save status From Google Play Store
  2. View desired WhatsApp status
  3. Open the app save status
  4. On the main page of the application, open the menu live status
  5. you can see condition In two categories, namely Pictures And Videos
  6. Select WhatsApp Status in one of the categories
  7. push the button Loading icon down arrow In every photo or video
  8. When you return to the main page of Save Status app, you will find your saved WhatsApp status in the list Saved Gallery
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WhatsApp Status Save Save Status

In fact, the download process in the Save Status app just copies the WhatsApp Status images or videos that are stored in the .Statutes folder to an easily accessible folder.

Among all the above methods, in my opinion, users of Save Status are the easiest one because they don’t need to do any settings first like in File Manager.