How to reset iPhone network so that the connection is back to normal

Nomessin – We can actually reset the network to the initial settings to solve various technical problems that occur on mobile devices such as iPhone.

Cellular network and internet connection is one of the very important things for different types of cell phones today. Without good support for these two things, many functions in the device would be meaningless.

From just calling or texting to accessing social media services or checking work email, cellular networks will play an important role in how these things are done.

Unfortunately, sometimes the network settings on the mobile phone itself are a source of problems. Rather than making it easier for us to connect to cellular services or the Internet, wrong settings can actually be a hindrance.

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On iPhones, we can fortunately reset network settings easily. Those of you who don’t know can follow the full steps below.

How to reset iPhone network

  1. Go to page Settings
  2. Go to section general
  3. Click on the menu Re-Set
  4. Choose an option Reset network settings
  5. Enter the used iPhone passcode if necessary
  6. Confirm by pressing the . button Reset network settings

By following the above steps, your network settings will be back to their original state. Keep in mind that things like WiFi passwords and settings VPN (Virtual Private Network) In the process, the SMSC (Short Message Service Center) configuration, as well as the APN, will also be deleted.

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Deleting these various settings is certainly not a bad thing, but on the contrary, it can be a solution to mobile network or internet problems. This way the device will be reconfigured as before.

There is also no need to worry because the network settings reset option available on the iPhone only applies to the network configuration. The operation will not affect any other data or settings such as when Clear all settings Or the so-called factory reset.

But keep in mind that some network settings may have to be done manually after the reset process is complete. Some of them include VPN settings and configuration to connect iPhone to WiFi.

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Before performing the reset, we need to try some other methods to solve network problems on iPhone which include restarting the device, activating Airplane mode for a while or reconnecting the WiFi.