Top 7 Gas Stove Brand Recommendations for Home

nomessin – Have you recently moved into a home, want to change your gas stove, or just switched from an oil stove to a gas stove?

If the answer is yes, here Summarizing some recommendations Good gas stove brand With features and reasonable prices.

1. Rinnai gas stove

Rinnai is one of the best brands of gas stoves from Japan.

They offer a variety of gas stove products aimed at lower tier to upper tier, making prices quite diverse.

Rinnai RI-522S Ceramic Incense Burner

RI 522S Ceramic Incense Burner

The first recommendation for the best gas fertilizer fell on the Rinnai Ceramic Burner RI-522S, a series of fairly affordable products, which range from 250 thousand to 300 thousand.

When seen in many homes, fireplaces of this form and durable are often found.

This RI-522S features a ceramic-coated stainless steel body with batik accents on the front.

Choosing this burner, you can save up to 20% on gas without reducing the performance of the burner itself.

This is because the burner flame remains blue in each oven, which makes the food cook quickly and evenly.

Rinnai Grande RI-712A

Grande RI 712A

The second recommendation as the best gas stove, the Rinnai Grande RI-712A. It looks simple and affordable.

If you often cook dishes with a large pot, this is the choice.

The presence of 6 supporting legs makes the oven stronger in supporting the load, and the large body structure makes it more sturdy and durable.

In terms of maintenance and hygiene, this stove is quite reliable. Because the part top panel And the upper body is removable so that it is easy to clean food stains.

On the right side of the stove, you can fire the flame of a candle which is much needed for some dishes that require a small fire. The price of such a gas stove starts from 350 thousand – 400 thousand.

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2. Sanken gas stove

Sanken is an Indonesian company that is always innovating in the development of electronic and household products, including gas stoves.

Sanken gas stove products are also able to compete with foreign brands. Below are the recommended types that you can choose from.

Sanken SG-336SS

Sankin SG 336SS

In this type of recommendations, two stoves are still used, which is quite recommended for household needs. It has a simple design that adds an aesthetic touch to your kitchen.

Type SG-336SS provides equipment in the form of: Bentavit which can be used for small pans.

On this side, the candle flame feature is also set up. Meanwhile, in terms of carrying large containers, there enamel arc Very strong.

To get this type, you only need to budget from 350K to 400K only.

Sanken SG-369 DX2

Sankin SG 369 DX2

By switching to a higher type, this type introduces features that were not present in the previous type.

It is designed to be more modern and luxurious by using black glass that can block out heat and is easy to clean from cooking dirt.

Sankin SG-369 DX2 gas stove has a feature called Blue WhirljetWhere the fire comes out of the oven in a circular way so that it produces a hot fire with a temperature in a short time.

There is no doubt about the performance and durability of this gas stove. You only need to budget about 800 thousand to get this stove.

3. Winn gas stove

Winn Gas is not much different from the Sanken brand, it is a company from Jakarta that focuses on the production of kitchen equipment and gas equipment.

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There are two types we recommend below.

Winn Gas W-233

Win Gas W233

This type is an ordinary gas stove at an affordable price, which is only 300 thousand. There are two options of different models, green batik and yellow batik.

The advantage of this stove is that it can create a blue fire with rather fast heating, they called it the advantage one plane.

This type of stove is made of SPCC Panel laminated paint Rustproofing.

In addition, in burner Made of brass which is very effective in conducting heat.

Winn Gas W-399

Win Gas 399

This is the “sister” of the previous version with the addition of more powerful features and security.

The whole body is made of hard glass It is black in color and is very sturdy and equipped with rubber feet that make this stove not easy to shake.

In addition, in substrate It is enameled so that it will not be easily damaged if exposed to fire too often.

The gas efficiency of this type is even better, so it is suitable for domestic use.

4. Electrolux gas stove

Some families prefer a gas stove over a regular stove.

One of the reasons is to make the kitchen look elegant, simple and luxurious.

For this type of gas stove, we choose the Electrolux brand as a recommendation.

Electrolux EHG7230BE

Electrolux EHG7230BE

Electrolux, the gas stove for you connoisseurs of housing with a simple and modern look.

In this type, there are two ovens that you can maximize simultaneously.

This burner can produce blue flame with faster heating so as to provide efficiency for the gas used. They mention with features Blue Power Fire And Dual jet air.

The dial side radius is 225 degrees so you can set the fire to a more precise position.

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In terms of safety, this stove has a feature capable of cutting off the flow of gas if the fire accidentally dies. So that gas leakage does not occur.

Speaking of build, of course there is no need to use it anymore.

The base material is tempered glass which is sturdy and easy to clean and the black color makes a high-end impression.

On the pan support, use enamel Steel can withstand loads of up to 20 kg when processing dishes.

For those who want to have this type of gas stove, prepare a budget of 2.9 million to 3 million.

The results of our recommendation are 7 gas stoves from 4 different brands. Each has specifications to suit different needs.

They range from ordinary stoves to stoves capable of making large quantities of dishes. If you have selected your favorite gas stove, you definitely need more diverse cooking ideas, right?

You can open the site tasting To find complete recipe ideas. Ranging from processed meats, side dishes, vegetables, fried foods, and more.

For those who need a recommendation for a portable gas stove and single burner, let us know through the comments column.