Tutorial how to repair a damaged computer power supply

Nomessin – The power source is the hardware that plays an important role in a computer/PC. Without a power source the computer cannot survive. The function of this device is to supply electricity to all components of the computer, such as the motherboard (main board), hard disk, drive, fan processor, CD/DVD room, and other additional components such as LAN card, sound and video card.

Inside the power supply or what is easily called a PSU (Power Supply Unit) there is a written wattage. Most of the current PSU’s capacity is around 600W, 750W to 10,000W. The amount of watts depends on the specifications of the computer required.

In this posted tutorial, the service will share a tutorial on how to repair a damaged power supply unit. The power supply is often damaged by current, or by a short voltage. Often unstable currents entering the computer.

1 Tutorial how to repair a damaged computer power supply

Here are some of the ways you can do to fix or check the problematic power supply. Hope this helps solve the problem with the PSU.

Check the power supply

The first thing to do is to check the power supply

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Unplug the PSU from the wall socket, then remove the cables connected to the motherboard, hard disk, DVD room, and other connected devices.

Reconnect the power cable to the PSU so that there is electricity.

Prepare one cable, or a small wire 5-10 cm long with peeled ends.

How to fix a damaged computer power supply

Grab the main cable of the PSU, then connect the small wire to one end of the green wire and the other end to the black wire. Like the picture below.
First find the green cable as shown below, see the green arrow

 How to fix a damaged computer power supply 2

Secondly find the black wire on the other side. See the picture for more clarity
How to fix a damaged computer power supply

Connect the green and black wires (as shown in the picture) using the wires.

How to fix a damaged computer power supply 4
How to fix a damaged computer power supply 5
If the fan/power supply fan rotates, it can be confirmed that there is no problem. Please check other components on the computer, it may not be the power supply. However, if the fan does not rotate, the power supply will almost certainly be damaged.

Several reasons for power outages

  • burdened
  • unstable power supply
  • Power outages often occur, so the computer immediately turns off.
  • A short circuit occurs or an animal enters the fan. Sometimes geckos or crickets can enter to damage the fan rotation and the PSU can explode
  • Lightning struck her. The educational service experience is a source of thunderbolt energy.
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2 How to repair the power supply as follows

After we check if the PSU is normal or there is a problem, the next step is to fix it.

Remove the PSU box from the computer case for easy verification. Open the power supply box and then check the cables and electronic components, there may be something burned so that it can be identified and replaced.

On a computer that generally works outdoors, the temperature is higher than on a computer that works in an air-conditioned room. Then the extra heat makes the soldering legs to the components come off. Repair loose or damaged solder using soft lead and light flux.

If a damaged component check and repair has been performed, properly reinstall the PSU box. Try a power source by plugging in a drive or DVD chamber. Check if the fan can rotate normally. If the fan rotates normally, the power supply can be reused.

Advice from educational services in the event of damage to the power supply on your computer is to replace a new unit. Just because you fix it doesn’t mean it can work normally again. This is Tutorial how to repair a damaged computer power supply We hope it is useful and can add insight.

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If the power supply does not work after performing the above methods, it is better to take it to a service center or buy a new one. A PSU that has been damaged when serviced successfully also does not guarantee that it will last for a long time. It is just a service item, and the possibility of it being damaged again is also high.

You should clean your computer frequently and take care of it so that it lasts a long time and there are no faulty or damaged components. Since computers are connected to electricity, the possibility of error is also high if they are used daily.