How to view image size on iPhone with/without app

Nomessin – The image size is often used as a reference when you want to edit the image or print it in hard copy.

With such size details, it will definitely affect the quality in terms of image resolution and sharpness. For those who want to know how to display image sizes on iPhone, we have done a full review below.

Iphone It is already known to have a good camera, and the results are very clear and sharp. Because of these advantages, we are often curious about what detailed image information looks like Iphone It can be as sharp as that.

While using Android, we can see the data details in the list”Gallery“, just open the preview of the image and then click the option”About the picture. Then the system will display detailed information about the catch.

The problem is Iphone It does not itself have this detail feature, although the role of detailed image information from a functional point of view can be easier for users under certain circumstances.

Therefore, the Kompiwin team will give you tips on how to see the image size on iPhone in detail without having to use an app.

Method 1: View the image size on iPhone without an app

You can say that users have to modify the tips to get around this image info feature.

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Generally, the step is to transfer the photo to the iPhone memory file, after the photo is successfully transferred, then tap and hold until the “Menu” appears.informations“.

Click on the menu to bring up detailed information from the captured photos. For more details, please follow the method below:

  1. please open iPhone Gallery.
  2. Open image preview In which you will see the size details.
  3. push the button Participate located in the lower left corner.
  4. Scroll down until you find the button save the file.
  5. don’t choose iCloud Drive, but you just choose On my iPhone.
  6. Confirm button save Checks that the file is actually stored in the device’s memory.
  7. If a notification appears Replace existing itemsJust press the button change.
  8. Then enter the application Files management default iPhone.
  9. The system usually subtracts the activity Latest storage, and the newly saved image will appear at the top.
  10. Press and hold image file.
  11. Then here you can select the button informations.
  12. All information will appear in the information description.
  13. Been completed.

Second method: View Image Size on iPhone Using Metadata Viewer

The first method is quite complex and requires two times of work. We will provide another option, here we can see the image size on iPhone using the app Metadata Viewer.

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You can download and install this app for free from the App Store. This application can provide more complete information about the image file starting from file size, location of captured images, exposure, dimensions, speed, etc.

Here are the steps to view image sizes on iPhone using the Metadata Viewer app:

  1. please open App Store.
  2. Type in the search box Metadata Viewer.
  3. If it appears, tap on the app and confirm the installation on the iPhone.
  4. When it is installed, just go Open the app.
  5. At first, all you have to do is press the button start to begin with.
  6. After that, a photo folder that matches your iPhone gallery will appear, select the photos you want to see in detail.
  7. Simply by opening the image, all the detailed information will appear here later.
  8. For more details, you can do so via Screen switch from bottom to top.
  9. You can see details including exposure information, dimensions, velocity, and many more.
  10. Good luck and God bless you.

Method 3: View the image size on iPhone using the photo metadata

The ultimate guide to display photo size on iPhone we can use the app EXIF GPS image metadata viewer.

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Applications can provide detailed information about image files such as file size, color model, DPI height, XResolution, longitude location, creation date, and other important information.

For the sequence of steps using Photo Metadata to view photo sizes on iPhone, please follow the below method:

  1. Log in to App Store.
  2. please write EXIF GPS image metadata viewer.
  3. Confirm the installation on the iPhone.
  4. If it is already installed, please Open the app.
  5. Here you can directly select the image you want to see in detail.
  6. click Attachment button which we highlight below.
  7. Later all the image information will appear in the application.
  8. Good luck and God bless you.

The last word

This is a discussion on how to display image file sizes on iPhone, both without and using the app. We hope it was helpful and please use an easier guide for you.