How to beat a hot mobile phone with built-in battery

nomessin – Excessive action will have a bad effect. Like the discussion that the our team will bring up here, this is how to deal with a hot mobile phone with a transplanted battery.

Using a cell phone for a long time causes the device to overheat. You should feel this way often, especially if you use your mobile phone outdoors and during the day.

Now cell phone technology has improved, on average, the latest released cell phones already use a very large battery capacity, and the stabilization system is implemented in an inseparable way like old cell phones.

Perhaps if in the past we have encountered hot batteries often, the easy solution was to remove the battery from the mobile and let it cool down for a while.

Then if the case is the battery on the mobile phone can not be removed. How do you deal with the hot HP of the implanted battery?

1 Causes of HP battery overheating

Although it contains the latest technology, the use of built-in batteries is not always the answer. In terms of design, the use of cropping forms can support the aesthetic side of the mobile phone.

But not all smartphones with built-in batteries work well.

Batteries have components that must be taken into account, since the life of this part of the device must be replaced at a certain time.

I don’t know if it’s because the quality is low or the component can’t be used anymore.

Many factors can damage the built-in battery of a mobile phone. There are many factors that often cause damage to a battery implanted in a mobile phone, including the following:

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1. Improper use of HP

Not only Fast battery drain when used brutally. HP performance will also degrade slowly if usage is too abnormal.

The solution is never to force the use of your smartphone so that the battery remains durable and does not run out quickly.

2. Using a non-original charger

It should be noted that it is recommended that users always use the original charger or the same brand of HP in question.

Because the battery capacity with the current on the charger if it is not balanced will have an adverse effect.

In addition to slow charging, this will worsen the battery cells for future effects.

3. Using HP while in Cas

This is one of the factors that HP users often do today. Using the mobile phone while charging can result in simultaneous input and output operations.

It is not recommended to do this. Try to fully charge the HP battery first before actually using it for a long period of time such as playing games or watching videos on the Internet Youtube.

You may sometimes use it to answer a chat or pick up the phone well, but remember not to use it for long-term activities.

4. Run multiple apps

If you don’t use it, you should uninstall everything Request unused. Avoid multitasking apps when the phone is in use.

This can overburden the HP processor and drain the battery. We highly recommend closing applications that are no longer in use. And close all applications running in the background.

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2 How to beat a hot mobile phone with a built-in battery

What we have mentioned above are some of the reasons why your mobile phone battery gets damaged. To prevent the condition from getting worse, you can use the tips below.

1. Replace the problematic charger

Replace the problematic charger

Chargers can be the cause of battery damage. The current transmitted if it does not correspond to the capacity of the battery can damage the cells in it. If the battery is not perfect, the impact often leads to overheating.

2. Use WiFi

Use WiFi

Using an unstable grid can quickly heat up your HP. This is because the system is working overtime to get a signal.

You can feel when the network starts to become unstable, the performance of the phone is getting warm and hot. It would be wise if you are using WiFi.

3. Adjust the intensity of the normal screen light

Adjust the intensity of the normal screen light

Excessive screen use can quickly drain stored energy. So if it is used for long-term use, the battery will overheat and power will feel wasted.

4. HP charger before the power runs out completely

HP charger before the power runs out completely

Most modern smartphones already use this type of battery Lithium Polymer. This type of battery requires users to usually avoid charging the HP until the power is completely exhausted.

Long-term impact will damage the battery components to reduce performance.

5. Avoid overcharging the battery

Although battery technology has advanced, such as disconnecting the current when it is at 100%, this should be avoided if the habit is done continuously often.

The battery will be damaged due to overcharging, the result is that it will swell and often feel drained.

6. Clean up junk HP frequently

Clean up junk HP frequently

To ease the performance of your phone, you have to perform routine maintenance like deleting cache or junk files in apps.

The more files that accumulate, the slower the system performance will be.

7. Stick the HP Base in a cool place

Just a tip to reduce overheating, you can stick a hot mobile phone base in a field like the floor. The heat will be absorbed in a short time and the battery temperature will return to normal.

3 The last word

This is how we deal with the heat of implanted battery that people often experience. Please follow the tips above to take care of each other’s cell phones. I hope it is useful