6 Ways to beat a watery Macbook (don’t panic)

nomessin – Water damage to electronic devices is a serious problem factor. Even the slightest smudge can paralyze any hardware component if not treated promptly.

For this reason, the Kompiwin team will provide tips for dealing with your Macbook laptop that has been splashed with water.

There are many types of users who have their own comfort points when doing tasks.

Just as for those who like to be on duty while drinking coffee, there are also those who like to play on their laptop while drinking tea, or those who don’t like it at all and like to focus on what they’re doing.

When we work while drinking coffee, be careful when placing the glass or bottle near our laptop.

Because we ourselves don’t know and don’t realize it, whether our hands are reflexively kicking the drink next to it and then dropping onto the laptop, or the occupied table is suddenly moved by someone accidentally causing the drink to spill, and other unexpected factors.

So never place liquids near electronic devices, especially laptops, to avoid accidental events such as water spills that could damage the laptop.

Ways to beat a watery Macbook

Although only a drop of water is sprayed on the laptop, if the water hits an important component, for example, it is possible for the laptop to slowly develop symptoms of damage and the most serious consequence is total death.

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Before we get into the tutorial on how to deal with a splashed MacBook, know that there are differences in types of liquids or drinks, and each has a different effect.

For example, water, tea and coffee are not very acidic so they are easy to fix. While liquids such as juice or wine can cause more complex damage because they have a high acidity.

The nature of water that easily fills the empty gaps will truly allow these creatures to enter Logic board Through the keyboard gaps and slowly begins to gnaw metal components and the like.

Therefore, do not let it handle it for several days after the accident and immediately try when the laptop is exposed to water, you can do the following ways to deal with the water splashed Macbook:

1. Remove the MagSave or the charger

Do not allow electric current to enter the device when it is immersed in water.

Because this may cause a short circuit in the battery component, charger plug port or other components with large transmission power.

In addition to the charger, also unplug other cable connections like USB cables etc., and try to keep your Macbook clean without any connection.

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2. Wipe off immediately with a highly absorbent applicator

When your Macbook spills water, at that moment you take something that has a high absorbent capacity like a tissue, and then clean the part that is exposed to the water by tapping, not by rubbing the surface.

It is feared that the water you are wiping will flow if it is still wet and enter the component next to it.

And don’t shake the laptop because it can also provide an opportunity for water to flow onto other surfaces.

3. Turn off and wait 48 hours

If your Macbook is still turned on, immediately try turning off the laptop until it is completely turned off and leave it inactive for 48 hours.

Noting if you leave it on for a couple of days, that means the affected water has splashed or a little.

4. Drying with a hair dryer

When you leave your laptop unopened, you can also dry it with the help of a hair dryer to be more effective.

But pay attention to the drying distance with drierDo not get too close as it can cause other damage due to overheating. You can also use a warm study lamp.

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5. Turn your Macbook upside down

The purpose of this Macbook reversal is to remove residual water that enters through the keyboard gap.

Try not to make spontaneous movements, turn slowly and wait a few hours for the water to come out.

6. Take it to a trusted service center

If the water leak on your Macbook tends to be too large, the Kompiwin team recommends that you immediately take it to a trusted service center for immediate first aid.

Because those who can open the internal components of a Macbook and already very well understand the maintenance of the device in case of exposure to water.

The last word

So these are the tips on how to deal with a waterlogged Macbook, the important thing is not to panic and do the tips we wrote above, hopefully it will be useful and can help you.