How to fix the phone volume up and down error

nomessin – Hardware damage is one of the symptoms that most people fear. If something happens for example like a button Power or the sound Damaged, one way out is to replace new hardware.

Here we present an alternative way to handle high and low HP on its own without the need for component repair or replacement.

Symptoms of high and low HP are very annoying and interfere with our activities. Perhaps if the system appears while browsing, replying to chat or playing games Social media Not a big problem.

However, if the HP volume goes up and down on its own when listening to music.

Can we enjoy the music? This will obviously be annoying and uncomfortable when listening to music.

Before we start we review the tutorial on how to fix HP Volume Up and Down on your own.

We first need to know beforehand what is causing the volume state to not work properly. Well, let’s start the discussion.

Reasons for higher HP volume and lowered alone

The importance of maintaining HP is maintaining the condition of the device to keep it in optimum condition. Not only in terms of the internal system, but you also have to pay attention to the exterior of the phone.

The external aspect is what matters to the health of the mobile device. Let’s see, how many components work in the exterior design of HP.

Many components are out of order such as: Camera, Power button, Volume button, Home button, Charger port, Headphone port, Speakerphone, Microphone, And Many other ingredients.

And in the content of this article, we will review the reasons and ways to overcome HP speaker volume that often goes up and down on its own. There are several reasons why HP will be high or low on its own, among others:

  1. Pressing the button too much the sound barely.
  2. push the button the sound At only one point, for example, we often press with our nails, which means that not all parts of the volume will be covered and only one point is affected by pressure.
  3. The effect of accumulated dust can cause the buttons to not function properly.
  4. The phone was subjected to a strong shock, which made the internal components of the components vibrate or break off.
  5. Broken headset still forced to connect to a mobile phone, the headset usually appears Error Like music that likes to pause on its own, or even turn up and down the volume.
  6. There is an internal system Error. This error may not be from the hardware system, but from the music player app or similar software that you are experiencing Error.
  7. Knob the sound sink, button normally the sound These sinks are due to age and use.
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How to beat HP volume up and down on your own

After you know what makes the volume on a mobile phone go up and down on its own, let’s get into the main discussion i.e. the solution to work around the HP speaker volume that goes up and down on its own even though there is damage to the button. the sound.

1. Restart the HP device

Restarting HP devices is often believed to be effective in solving minor issues with a mobile phone.

If the rise and fall factor in volume is caused by a system ErrorPlease try to restart your mobile phone first and use it again whether it is working normally or not.

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If this is not already caused by hardware damage then there is nothing wrong if you try a factory data reset. Who knows that the operating system on your mobile phone has a problem.

2. Clean the phone from dust and dirt

The effect of the accumulated dust will cover the function of the button when pressed, to overcome this we can do something by cleaning the dirty part until it is completely clean.

The option of cleaning the interior of the mobile phone you can do yourself with the help of a soft brush, or a vacuum cleaner often used to clean camera lenses. Or if you are not sure, please commission an HP repairman.

3. Install the volume control app

If the physical buttons on your mobile phone’s volume no longer work properly, there is still one option, which is to install an app Volume control So that users can still adjust the high and low volume in media, notifications, phone, etc.

Please go to Playstore, then just type in volume control. push the button Installations For installation in HP. Wait for it to finish and finally turn it on. Or you can install via the link above.

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4. Update the operating system

With the update method with increasing HP performance according to the latest version. Please enter HP settings, open the menu Software updates.

To be more efficient, connect the device to the Internet, because the file recovery of this new version is very large. If so, just wait for the update process to finish.

5. Change devices

This is the last option to deal with the HP volume going up and down on its own. The last option is to replace hardware parts to a repairman.

Because if damage is obvious from damaged physical buttons, hardware replacement can only be done by a professional.

Do not try to disassemble your mobile phone if you do not understand the system.

The last word

This is more or less a way of dealing with HP going up and down on its own. Please follow several options to fix the problem.

But the most important thing is that we must maintain and take care of your HP so that no harmful damage occurs. I hope it is useful