8 Recommended Top Quality Brands of Portable Sewing Machines

nomessin – Compared to sewing machines in general, portable sewing machines may be a very practical choice for sewing clothes due to their small size and ease of carrying anywhere.

This portable sewing machine is recommended for those who want a sewing machine on a budget.

Even for beginners, this type of sewing machine is highly recommended as it is easy to use.

1. Spring comes a small bra

Mini Portable Hand Sewing Machine

Practical and compact 

Are you looking for a portable sewing machine that is easy to carry while traveling and doesn’t take up much space?

So this product is one of the best recommendations. Especially if your sewing needs are not too many, this product is perfect for you.

To fix buttons or clothes that have holes, this sewing machine product is reliable.

Its shape is similar to a sling that weighs only 120g, making it easy to carry anywhere.

It is also very easy to use because it can be operated manually. Simply press it over and over as if you were using a sling.

The price is also relatively cheap. So it is not difficult to obtain. However, this mini sewing machine can produce very tight and neat stitches.

Its use does not need to use battery power or electricity, because it is done manually.

Its small size, light weight and ease of use will definitely be a great fit for those of you who are still beginners.

2. Elnoss FHSM-202

Elnoss FHSM 202A Portable Sewing Machine

Mini Portable Sewing Machine with LED Lights 

This sewing machine has a small size, about 21cm x 19cm x 9cm.

Equipped with two threads, the top and the bottom make the stitches look neat and strong.

Although the price is very friendly, the quality of the resulting stitches is unquestionable.

Other accessories included in this mini sewing machine are thread cutters and LED lights which are just as important.

Of course this will make it easier for beginners who are just learning to use a sewing machine. In addition, the speed of the sewing machine can also be adjusted with two adjustment options, namely, fast or slow

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Because of this practicality, this mini sewing machine is highly recommended for beginners and can even be used for children.

As for the power supply, the Elnoss portable sewing machine uses 4 AA batteries or a 6V adapter.

So if you are looking for a cheap but high quality sewing machine, this product can be the right choice.

3. Deluxe FREYA JG-1803

FREYA JG 1803. Deluxe Portable Mini Sewing Machine

Strong and fast dynamo 

Mini Deluxe FREYA JG-1803 is another portable sewing machine recommended for you.

Made of high quality and shiny plastic material, it is very beautiful when you put it in your room.

Also suitable as an attractive gift for family or friends who love to sew.

This sewing machine is equipped with 12 stitch patterns that make it easy to sew clothes. In addition, there are also two speed functions that can be operated without pedals.

The most interesting thing is that this mini portable sewing machine can be replaced on the shoe part just like the standard size portable sewing machine.

For those who are still beginners in the world of sewing, this product will be very convenient to use.

Many complete features in it make it easy to use. The electric power is also not very large, only 7.2 watts.

4. Brother JV 1400

Brother JV 1400. Portable sewing machine

Electricity saving, suitable for beginners 

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly electric sewing machine that comes with complete features and makes it easy to use, then the JV 1400 Brother sewing machine can be the best choice.

This sewing machine will help you produce stitches in no time.

The available features are completely complete, starting with the Top Drop In Bobbins System or the Top Bobbins System.

There are 4 easy steps when you want to make tabs.

Using the Free Arm Sewing feature that makes it easier when you want to sew in tight areas, like sleeves.

Equipped with a guide book and DIY projects that can help you increase creativity when sewing. With the help of this book, you can also learn all kinds of stitches easily.

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The power of this sewing machine is only 51W which will definitely save electricity.

5. HZL-12Z Jockey

Juki HZL 12Z Portable Sewing Machine

Strong and durable hard case 

Another portable sewing machine product is the Juki HZL-12Z.

The design is simple but with a hard cover that can protect the motor.

So when a shock occurs, the sewing machine remains safe and protected when stored.

Equipped with 7 types of stitches and one type of buttonhole, which makes the sewing process faster.

In addition, the Juki HZL-12Z is ​​also equipped with white LEDs, a screw cutter, and stitch length and width adjustment.

You don’t have to worry about electrical power problems, even if you use electrical current as power.

However, the electrical power used is only about 35 watts. So you don’t have to worry if your electricity bill is wasted when you use it every day.

6. Butterfly JH8190S

JH8190S Portable Butterfly Sewing Machine

Full Basic Features

Perhaps there are still many people who are not familiar with this brand of sewing machine.

This Chinese brand has been around since 1919 and has many of the best products marketed in Indonesia.

Like the JH8190S Butterfly Sewing Machine which has a simple and practical design that is easy to use and move.

The wattage required isn’t great either, just 70 watts, which includes turning on the LEDs on the sewing machine.

This sewing machine product is also equipped with 11 kinds of stitches and one post which is used to make button holes.

So even for the beginner of you, it will be very easy to use.

In addition, the features that it contains are very complete. It can support good quality stitching even if it is done at home

7. Singer Simple™ 3223G

Singer Sewing Machine - 3223G, Portable Sewing Machine

Various choices of attractive favorite colors 

If you’ve seen this portable sewing machine, you might be interested in its appearance.

How does that happen?

This sewing machine has a wide range of different colors, for different series. As in the 3223G series, it has a fresh aqua color.

In addition, there are other color options such as deep gray, deep berry, buttery, crunchy asprit, and many more.

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This product is equipped with many much needed basic features, for those of you who are still beginners or already proficient in sewing.

It features 23 types of stitches, features adjustable stitch width and spacing, and a buttonhole. So that the sewing process is easier and faster.

In addition, other features that also complement this product are lights, reverse stitching button and thread cutter.

The electric power itself is not very big, only 85 watts, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your electric bill.

You’ll also get a SJS Starter Kit that makes sewing even easier.

8. Janome CT2480LX

Janome CT2480LX Portable Sewing Machine

Multifunctional with Cool Model

One of the outputs of the Janome sewing machine features a futuristic design that will surely be very cool when placed in your home.

The way it works is also very practical, so it is highly recommended from beginner to advanced tailors.

The features that it complements are very complete. So for those of you who may just be learning to sew, you will have no problem using this product.

The base frame is made of aluminum material which ensures that the machine is sturdy and durable.

Other accessories that this sewing machine also has are 25 types of stitches, automatic thread insertion and only one step buttonhole maker which of course will be very useful if you are still learning to sew.

Although it sells for a rather hefty price, the features in it really help that the sewing process is quick and easy.

its enough Deserves all the effort To own this sewing machine.

So, these were some of the options for portable sewing machines that you can choose according to your needs, ranging from cheap to expensive.

Either using a manual system or using electrical power when used.

We hope the above information is helpful.