Easy Ways to Create Video Content Playing Games on OPPO A95

nomessin – As a mid-range OPPO product, the OPPO A95 mobile phone offers many features that support game players, including those who love to create video game content.

By default, you can find Screen Recording in Game Assistant which can be found while the game is running. This feature allows you to document the track of the game you are playing so that you can show it to your friends, family or others.

All the activities appearing in the game can be easily captured using screen recording. For those who are curious about how to activate and use this feature, you can immediately follow the guide as below.

How to use screen recording to record games

  1. Open the game you want to play, for example PUBG Mobile
  2. After entering the game, scroll or drag the menu gaming assistant Green line icon from the left or right corner of the screen
  3. employment GameAssistant, Search menu screen recording
    OPPO A95 Game Screen Recording
  4. In the floating screen recording pop-up menu, you will encounter the button records icon red circle settings icon gears And Director icon X
  5. You can adjust the settings in the menu Settings first
  6. push the button records To record your running game directly
  7. After recording as desired, you can press the button Stop icon red box To turn off the feature screen recording
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For registration, you can see the results of game recordings directly in the photo application or the default file manager of the mobile phone. The recording will be in the form of a full screen video depending on the game being played, and it can be horizontal or vertical.

In the Settings menu, you can select two types of audio capture, either from the game system by selecting Record system audio or from the microphone by selecting Record microphone audio. You can choose both, one or none to vote.

Meanwhile, if you choose more settings, you can make other recording settings such as video resolution, frame rate, video encoding format, front camera, and show screen touches.

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OPPO A95 screen recording settings

In Video Resolution, you can choose the video quality that consists of Medium (HD 720p, 8Mbps), Low (480p, 4Mbps), or Custom (choose a resolution between 720p or 480p and bit rate between 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 Mbps).

Then, you can select the video frame rate for recordings starting at 60 fps, 30 fps, 24 fps, or 15 fps. But by default, the system will select dynamic mode so that the video frame rate is adjusted during the game recording process.

As for the video encoding format, you can choose for the best compatibility with the H.264 format or for smaller video sizes in the H.265 format. Screen touch display shows your touches during the recording process so it can guide the audience about which buttons to press.

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While you are on the front camera, you can activate the front camera while the recording process is in progress. This is very useful when you are playing a game as well as explaining it by showing your face to others.

You can say that the default screen recording of OPPO A95 has features that make it easy for you to make recordings like while playing games. You can use the results to become a video tutorial or a game breakdown that you can share with others via social networks, YouTube, Twitch, chat apps, or email.